Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today’s Kids Are Tomorrow’s Future

 By Gaetane Borders

I know it’s a bit early to talk about this.  But before you know it, November will be upon us.  Did you know that November is National Adoption month here in the United States.  Although this cause is important everyday of the year, this is the month set aside to raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care.  Years ago, I worked as the Clinical Director of a foster care agency.  Most days I felt overwhelmed about the swelling numbers of children for which I had to find appropriate foster homes.  At times it felt like there were not enough people willing to open up their homes to children in need.  I soon burned out, and left to make an impact in the lives of children in a different way.  Yet, looking at the recent statistics, nothing has changed. 

Currently, there are over 510,00 children in the foster care system.  While blacks account for 15% of U.S. children, they make up 32% of those in foster care, according to a May 2008 report by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, a private research group.  Other reports suggest that black children in foster care, especially older ones, are less likely than white ones to be adopted. Reports also suggest that Caucasian children in foster care are four times more likely to be reunified with their families than black children.  This means that the majority of African American children will remain in foster care unless they are adopted by a loving family.

To address these statistics, a new federally funded ad campaign is looking to get more black foster children adopted.  Television commercials will feature black parents and children in settings such as parks and schools. Similar ads will appear on radio and in newspaper.  The ads were developed by the Advertising Council, which produces public service announcements and AdoptUsKids, a non-profit that helps connect foster children with adoptive families.  This is the first time African-Americans have been targeted, according to project officials.

The theme for adoption month this year is, "You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent." I would certainly agree with this motto.  I would add, however, that although you don’t have to be perfect, you have to be willing to help a child heal.  Entering foster care and being removed from your parents’ custody is incredibly traumatic for children.  This, I assume, is why so many people choose to adopt infants, as they assume that babies will not be cognizant of the separation.  Yet, teens and younger adolescents are in desperate need of loving homes as well.  So, I encourage those who are thinking if adopting to be open-minded!

Knowing how to maneuver the adoption system can be daunting.  However, here are some tips on the steps you will need to take if you choose to embark on this fulfilling journey:

ü  Make a Plan.  One of the most significant steps you will take is to establish your general attitudes and philosophies about adoption.

ü  Search for an agency in your area. Agencies typically offer free informational meetings on the type of adoption placements they offer.

ü  Complete a Home Study.  Once you apply to adopt a child, the laws of all states require that you undergo a homestudy. Homestudies are conducted to evaluate your desire and commitment to adopt, to explore the reasons why you want to adopt, to evaluate you as a prospective parent, and to provide education about adoption.

ü  Finding a child.  Once the home study is completed, you are ready to begin the placement process — the time when a specific child is identified for your family.

Deciding to adopt a child is certainly a big decision, and one that requires much introspection.  You may find that you have a desire to open your home to a child who needs one.  AND…you will likely discover that it is that child that brings happiness into your home! 

Happy Parenting,
Gaétane F. Borders, Ed.S.
President, Peas In Their Pods

Gaétane is a certified School Psychologist who works closely with the inner-city youth and their parents.  She is an advocate of children’s rights and strives to help parent achieve healthy, harmonious, and emotionally stable environments for their children.  Her blog, The Parenting Pundit, offers an open and honest view of parenting.   In addition, as President of Peas Gaétane helps to spread awareness about the epidemic of missing children in the African American community.



  1. Excellent post! I'm so happy that the Ad Council is getting involved in portraying minority families accurately versus the stereotypical days of eating McDonald's or chicken!

    FYI, the Connecticut Department of Children & Families, under a new Commissioner who used to be a Supreme Court judge, will be celebrating National Adoption week by featuring "Bells of Hope" the ringing of hundreds of bells from churches and non-profits on November 7th as well as finalizing adoptions in Probate court.

    Training takes ~ 10 weeks and 3-4 months to become licensed including the home study.Financial subsidies available per child are $9-10,000 or $16.500 for those with complex medical needs.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. "This, I assume, is why so many people choose to adopt infants, as they assume that babies will not be cognizant of the separation."

    The one thing a judge will say in court is "assumptions are dangerous".
    In this case to assume that a human baby does not feel traumaties and separated from the only mother he or she will ever have is dangerous.

    From science we know full well the effects of trauma and how it remains in the human DNA and is passed on from generation to generation- so then, what a future we are creating bor todays adopted children.

    The baby has spent 40 weeks with his/her creator, so why do do gooders think it is OK to take him/her and give him/her a better life.

    Especially when in patriarchal system a better life means more money, toys, education etc...all of which have nothing to do with Mother love.

    We have destroyed our own Mother Earth over and over with our wars, creating fears, poverty etc in order to keep her and her children from evolving.

    Thus we do the same with human children by ripping them from their natural mothers and giving them to needy adults. Needy adults are those sho have not done their own inner parenting from their own childhoods and so seek the answer in out there in someone elses child.

    The disassociation trauma is abuse, legalised abuse of the child by the system.

    How many adopters are made aware of the % of adoptees who become murderers and criminals because of this same trauma of separation?

    No. Of course not.

    Adoption is a racket, pure and simple with the patriarchal system using natural families, children and adoptive families to make a profit, in the best interest of the child of course.

    That best interest of the child is a scam- used by Hitler and the SS to remove children from mothers- so that as adults they would never know love and become psychopaths, doing his bidding.

    So now 2011 and we follow in the footsteps of Hitler and the SS, and call adoption, in the child's best interests.

    How could we be so brainwashed not to look deeper and question the truths and facts.?

    The Baby Thief- Georgia Tann sure set a fine exapmle in USA.

    The British colonialists sure led the way removing 85% of indigenous children and all we have to do is look at the % of them leading lives in their mental prisons in 2011, children as young as 6 committing suicide.

    The separation trauma is in their DNA.

    So this is what is in store for the future adoptees.

  3. "Donna R. Gore
    FYI, the Connecticut Department of Children & Families, under a new Commissioner who used to be a Supreme Court judge, will be celebrating National Adoption week by featuring "Bells of Hope" the ringing of hundreds of bells from churches and non-profits on November 7th as well as finalizing adoptions in Probate court."

    Would that be the same Roman church that has been using Eve ill women's wombs to get babies for rich needy adults?

    Would that be the same church which stole millions of children worldwide and made a profit in the process?

    Would that be the same church which stole irish babies and altered their identity/birth certs and sold them to US citizens.

    I sure woul not like you to ring any bells in celebration of these do gooders.

    How in God's name can you celebrate adoption?

    Adoption invariably means the soul loss of the child AND the mother.

    Celebrate soul loss is SICK.!!!

    But I guess you are not evolved enough to know this, hence why you do as you do.

    Now that you do know, you cannot celebrate anymore as to do so is a crime for you and is karma for you. You are also oblidged now to make amends and to educate all others around you.

    To do otherwise means you collude with others in causing pain for your fellow brothers and sisters of Mother Earth.


  4. Adopt a child is certainly a big decision for a individual, but due to laws and individual interest many organizations or trade units born which sole working for the profits in the name of adoption.


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