Monday, September 26, 2011

Where is Our Mommy? Mother Vanishes: Melissa McVay Darling

By Diana May-Waldman
 Sulfur Springs Texas- Melissa McVay Darling went missing on June 9,2001 and some people don’t think she is worth finding. Some think she is a societal throw away and that bothers me.
While the Internet has become am extremely valuable tool to aid in the awareness of the missing, it has become a double edged sword when people can post anonymous comments and opinions about the missing.
Some of the comments suggest that the missing mother of two children isn’t worth looking for, because she had an alleged drug problem. That muddies the water and veers people away from what is important. Melissa McVay Darling is missing and is nowhere to be found.
Who decides who is worth looking for and who isn’t? Doesn’t every missing person deserve to be found? And isn’t every missing person somebodies loved one? What gives anyone the right to place value on another person?
I have taught my own children not to judge others, because we never really know what another carries in their heart.
Whether Melissa had a drug problem or not, it is not for me to say–but I will say that regardless of her lifestyle choices, she is one of our sisters and deserves to be found. To those making the negative comments, shut the hell up and put your energy into something positive. Shame on you for taking a bad situation and making it worse. Shame on your for hindering an investigation of a missing woman that can’t be found or speak for herself right now.
Here is a comment from the Topix forum: “What is annoying is that the family knows shes a worthless crack head and they are dragging the public into this “search”. Don’t waste our time…it’s obvious how few people showed up to the stupid prayer vigil last week because everyone else knows shes a loser out partying.”
Her family has reported her missing. And what if she is NOT out partying? What if she is lying dead somewhere, after being beaten and raped? I would hope that is not the case, but what if? That same kind of comment is right up there with saying that because a woman dressed a certain way she was asking to be assaulted.
SHUT YOUR IGNORANT BACK STABBING ASS UP. It is this EXACT mentality that keeps people in narrow columns of worthy and unworthy. It is this exact kind of comment that keeps women down, instead of picking them up.
So with that said, let’s get down to business and stick to the FACTS and find this mother.
Melissa McVay Darling is missing and her family and friends want answers. She was last seen in her hometown, of Sulphur Springs, Texas, when she dropped her daughters off at her father’s house on June 9, 2011.
Police have stated that they have video tape from the Choctaw Casino early the next morning of Melissa. The tape reveals that she was accompanied with a man by the name of Jeremy Blake Upchurch. He is now listed as a person of interest.
Melissa’s truck was found near Hugo Lake in Oklahoma. It was locked and had two flat tires.
Name: Melissa Ann Darling
AKA: Melissa Ann Mcvay
Case Number: M1106008
Case Type: Other
Last Seen in: Grant, OK (Choctaw County)
Last Seen on: 6/10/2011
Height: 5′ 8 ” Weight: 190 lbs.
Date of Birth: 6/16/1977 Age Missing: 34
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde
Race: White Sex: Female
State Missing From: Texas
Country Missing From: USA
Last seen wearing watch on left wrist. Has a tattoo of a dolphin on her back and a scar on her abdomen. Hangs out at the Choctaw Casino/Resort in Oklahoma.
Anyone with information about Melissa McVay Darling or where she might be is urged to contact Sulphur Springs Police Department, 903-885-7602, or the nearest law enforcement agency.
Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse Online Bulletin
Case #M1106008

Diana May-Waldman- Bureau Editor for Worldwide Hippies in Rochester NY. Diana is the author of A Woman’s Song. Her poetry in this book deals with the struggles facing all women and the many facets of being a woman in the world today. She is a strong women’s and children’s advocate. A true example of the Hippie movements continuing growth and sprit. Diana’s activism is an inspiration to many.


  1. Hi Diana: You are definitely one cool addition to Time's Up! My next blog deal with this exact topic... Stay tuned...
    And Welcome to the Blog and Imagine Publicity The best of the best professionals around!

    Donna R. Gore

  2. Amen,I wish people would do something worthwhile with their life. so many care nothing but for themselves, but wait until it comes to their door. Then we will see their cries for help. My heart goes out to those kids no matter what and those that love her. They are hurting and so am I. I pray with tears for this situation. And I am a Christian, but still have a heart for the hurting no matter what.

    1. Thank you Diana for your words of wisdom. It breaks my heart that people say what they want instead of what is true. Melissa has not been seen or heard from since June 10th in the wee hours of the morning when her brand new phone silenced. Even the press has written what was not spoken by her Mother which is me. I never said that I was afraid that Melissa left on her own. Fact is I was crying when the Newspaper called me and I said that the Police thought she had left on her own accord, I never ever made that statement. When I went to turn her in as missing the officer told me she was of age with no mental issues and that she was probably having a good time at the Casino and actually didn't show that much interest because the officer I talked to said it must be the moon for several women from Sulphur Springs decided to run off that week-end. I looked him square in the eyes and told him others may have ran off but not my daughter. She loved her children and would have never left them. Another officer that knew my daughter was there during the conversation and I ask him if he thought she would do something like that and he agreed with me that Melissa would never do something like that to her children and he said no! The police tried to make it go away until they couldn't any more. The Police Chief even gave an interview not knowing anything and it was feeled with wrong speculation. A few days later I was contacted and told that Melissa as a missing person was in full swing. Yes, her truck was found the following Saturday but not in the condition the news said and in fact people in Sulphur Springs knew before the family was even contacted. She was said to have been seen in Oklahoma and even had dinner with a so called friend. That was a lie. She was supposed to have been seen at a Hotel after her disappearance and that was a lie also. The truth is that she has had no contact with anyone that can be proved since early Friday morning when she walked out of the Choctaw Casino with Jeremy Upchurch from the Paris, TX area, the person of interest the Police call him. No one has seen or heard from her, no one since that night and Jeremy Upchurch has failed in all questions that has been ask. Now he has a lawyer and says he has nothing else to say. I am told there is nothing that can be done due to the fact he has a Lawyer. If he didn't have something to hide he would help but no, he refuses to say anything. People should never pass judgement less you be judged. Read that in a very good book. Melissa has vanished into thin air. No one will probably read this but at least I got to have a say a few days before Mother's Day 2012. I love and miss my daughter with every breath I take and would not wish this agony on anyone. Almost a year and no answers, nothing while the one person that knows refuses to talk. I am not anonymous I am her Mother.

  3. I live in Sulphur Springs and I don't know Melissa. My niece did and ran around with her some. It does not matter how she lived her life. What matters is that she is no longer at home with her children and family. My gut feeling is that she has been murdered and the person responsible is not going to come forward. Pray for this family, pray for Melissa. No one deserves to be treated this way.


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