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  1. If you live in VT there is no one who wants to help you. I live in orleans county in Newport Vt. NO ONE cares. We have a judge that Hates woman. Robert bent. I need help to get my child back in a safe loving home...This story goes on.. I have found many many other woman who this has happed to as well because of judge robert bent... I need help... My email is I am doing this on my own because i have spent all my money on lawyers who did not help but just take my money.

  2. There are 2 petitions started to issue alerts for missing adults. and Sorry, it did not copy well. But the second one is for my brother who was paralyzed. We need to push these not only to our governors of the states we live in, but to make this nationwide!

  3. Well most likely this post will be removed by the moderator. I lived with the mother of my child for 7 years. We met while working at the local Kroger. We where friends for about 2 years before we actually got together as a couple. About a month before she moved in she had a nervous breakdown while at her mothers house. Shortly after she quit work and well she moved in with me not long after. I cared for her greatly and am not saying i was in any way perfect but i paid the rent worked made sure there was food etc. Spent time with her when i was home and so on. To make a long story short we had our child Nov 12, 2009. She had attempted to Cut her wrist or OD on pills several times before she got pregnant. When our child was 1 year old she did so again. So i have requested a detailed parenting assessment for her. And to be honest you can blame the bad such as Kasey Anthony or the women who drove off a bridge with her kids for alot of this nonsense. I recently attended a siminar on shaking baby syndrome and they women presenting it showed a clip of one case where a man had a child with a women and while he was allowed to live in the home with the mother and the child he was real good to the child. it went on to explain that when the parents seperated the father got minimal visitation with the child do to the mother not allowing him to keep the child very often. None the less the dad wanted to keep the kid for the holiday and well the kid hadnt ever really stayed with the dad for around 6 months do to custody arrangements. Well naturally the kid didn't understand why it was in a strange place or why Momma who was there all the time wasn't now. She went on to explain that the child felt insecure and cried and cried the dad couldnt sooth him no matter what he did. The instructor also explained that the father liekly didnt feel he could call the mother for advise or help because the mother would just bad mouth him if he did. She said this guy wasnt a monster he just lost the ability to think rationally do to prolonged sleep deprvation and constand innability to sooth the child and committed a horrible act that resulted in the childs death. So i guess my point is for the childs sake parents on both sides need to get over it and communicate and make there child's well being priority. Quit blaming each other and take care of your kids people. Even though i lived with my child for the first 2 years got up with her every night from birth to whenever she started sleeping through the night. The mother of my child took advantage of the fact the paternity agreement signed at birth wasnt legally binding and i didn't see my kid for 3 weeks. That was not for the child that was im mad at you and this is how i can hurt you the most.

  4. Hi Warren,
    Thanks for your comment. It's a shame that often the best interests of the children are not taken into account when decisions are made for them by adults, some who have difficulty making good decisions for themselves. We, as a society, allow our children to suffer the consequences of our own bad actions. D

  5. Hi
    I am in tears as I read the article "Extreme Custody Decisions that Risk Lives". In September 2011 Judge Robert M Crawford in Fayette County Georgia awarded custody of my 3 daughters to my husband. During the marriage I was the only caretaker of my three daughters. I took care of their medical, school, spiritual needs, and after school activities. I was the only parent that was involved in any aspect of their upbringing. My husband who was immensely cruel in the marriage left in October 2010. He promised my two oldest daughters new cell phones if they were to leave with him. My youngest who was 7 at the time, who could not be bribed, stayed with me. During the temporary custody my husband received custody. He works 50 to 80 hours a week. His mother who he testified in court was not able to physically care for the children because of her age, takes care of my children most of their waking hours while they are not in school. My youngest has been suspended, expelled and is in constant trouble in school since she has been in his care. He is in violation of many of the guidelines set by the court. He withholds access to the children from me. He does not allow the girls phone privileges to talk to me. He does not inform me of the children’s activities. He has tried to alienate me from my children’s life as much as he possibly can to the extent of telling the school I am not to have no access to, or have any information about my child. How can one judge have the power to put children at harm with the "unspeakable pain" that my children and I suffer? Who will pay for the consequences of one judge actions?

  6. Together we can make a Difference, Save Lives and Change Laws. I'm starting a movement to reverse the damages that have been done to children and their mothers for so many years now because of Judges awarding custody to the Abusive Parents. Wow Nothing Like Rewarding the Abuser by handing over your 2 children. What kind of message does that send Be Abusive and Get Rewarded for it?? I am too a survivor but my 2 children were forced to live and be subjected to a life of Domestic Violence Permanently because of the Judges and so called Professionals Decissions to Award him Custody.His violent nature has not stopped neither has the witnessing of it that my children still have to indure. For Any of You that have the desire to stand togther and make some changes, Please Contact Me Together WE Can Make A Change. There is Power In #s and Prayer. Hope to Hear From You Soon.

  7. I'm guessing you weren't interested in me becoming a contributing writer, as no one bothered to answer the inquiry I emailed months ago.
    I'm sure you're busy, but I think someone could have had the courtesy to respond.

    1. Anonymous, Please send your information along with a writing sample to the email address above. Please accept my apology for not responding in a timely manner but the blog was on an extended hiatus this year due to the illness and death of it's inspiration, Susan Murphy Milano.

  8. I live in Indiana, and I lost custody of my 4 year old son when he was just over a year old. My ex and I were never married, and I have heard many women who have lost custody to emotionally and/or physically abusive fathers. The judge didn't believe me regarding any abuse allegations, I had a police report where he refused to return my son to me, threatened to kill my family, I was blackmailed into paying my ex over $2,500.00 so he wouldn't leave the country with him, and my ex is extremely controlling. The only "evidence" my ex had against me was the fact that I just happened to be unemployed at the time, my drivers license is suspended, and certain people dislike my husband. My ex even had my own mother testify on his behalf because I married my husband whom she does not like. The Guardian Ad Litem over the case at first stated that I should retain sole custody and then I found out she had previously worked for my ex's attorney. How convenient. She eventually changed her report and stated that I should be the non-custodial parent because now she dislikes my husband. They based the entire case on my husband, who was never in the courtroom to defend/debunk anything said about him. And the fact that I'm poor. We're a Jewish household and I was given NUMEROUS religious tests on the witness stand to "prove" that I'm Jewish. I cannot afford an attorney, and I believe that's part of the reason I lost. I started noticing a change in my son's behavior soon after the parenting time was limited, and I attempted to take him to a psychologist. She stated she would like to see him once per week, but not until after the court order was issued. It took over a year for the court order to be filed, and my ex and his attorney stated that I'm just trying to "feather my nest." Whatever that means. Here we are, and now all of a sudden my son is seeing a different psychologist and is now on medication for anger impulse disorder. This makes me SO angry because my ex spends Tuesdays only with my son, and his new wife is passing herself off as my son's mother. I get told by my son that I'm not his mommy and I get told by my ex that unless he chooses my parenting time, I get none. The court told me that I need to quit whining. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm at a loss, and every way I go is wrong. I cannot afford an attorney, and because my ex makes over $1,000.00 per week and I only make minimum wage, I will lose.

  9. Interesting read - thank you for continuing to publish about the horrors in family court. My prayer is one day something will be done... That's why I published my book, it walks the reader from beginning to end of the nightmare my daughter is 22 now. My heart is with all the parent's out here walking the path I once did, and in a way, still am.

  10. Dr. Bruce Harshman (LMFT 16888 ) as of 03-04-2014 has been removed from the Los Angeles Superior Court Family Court Services’ Private Evaluator List. You can contact Susan Thrall (List Administrator) to verify @ 213-974-5535 or D. Brett Bianco 213-974-5137 (Court Council).The deciding committee was comprised of superior court judges and administrators.

    * Multiple complaints has also been lodged against him with the California Board of Behavioral Science. Please contact Steve Sodergren @ or Kim Madsen @

    See complaint#2002014000370, complaint#200-2014000093, and MD028759


    There is also a federal lawsuit against Mr. Harshman


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