Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exclusive War Coverage: The Murders of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio

By Susan Murphy Milano

In March 1, 2004, there was no media coverage in the silencing of Kathleen Savio whose death was ruled "accidential."

Just blocks away from where Kathleen's body was discovered 2 1/2 years earlier, in October of 2007, another war erupted and Stacy Peterson was taken capitive again by the same predator, and serial abuser, former police Sergeant Drew Peterson.

The front page headlines would name both women in the search for the young wife and mother. Within 3 days the Will County State's Attorney's office would begin the legal process and exhume the body of Kathleen. The cases were now joined at the hip, you could not mention one woman without discussing the other. In Chicago it filled the front page headline's for months. But so did Drew Peterson's sudden thrust into the national spotlight. Within a week, Drew Peterson's was a household name and the two victims in the war of intimate partner homicide were refered and labled as wife #3 and wife #4.

Strangers, friends and family members worked tirelessly to keep the flame burning on each case, in particular because Stacy had vanished more emphasis was placed on finding her and brining her home. A site no longer available ""with membership in the thousands, created by the family and friends of Stacy was the only place where the young wife and mother would be featured and information with updates would run 24/7. Other's sites such as Juror13 and Websleuths also carried round-the-clock coverage. The national media however would discard this young woman's life, including her conversations with Pastor Neil Schori, as though she were invisible. During this time Drew Peterson was reaching millions via Larry King Live, MSNBC, NBC Today, Good Morning America, Greta, Nancy Grace, Jane Valdez-Mitchell, CNN, Anderson Cooper, Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo, John Gibson, CBS Morning Show, Scared Monkey's Radio, NPR News, People Magazine, The National Enquirer among others. Peterson was prancing, smiling while and acting as though he had jumping beans under his chair in the studio's where he was interviewed while surrounded by the bright lights.

Within months the "catch me if you can" theme song would become Peterson's anthem. With words and lyrics compsed by the man of the hour himself. Verses in his song included "Stacy ran away, it's a bright new day, catch me if you can that's all I'm gonna say." The national media played Peterson's words like a hit record for 18 long months until he was finally arrested for the murder of Kathleen Savio.

Now, nearly 3 years after Stacy Peterson vanishes the Chicago Sun-Times decides to play his song again, only this time from behind bars while he awaits trial. Without any regard for the victims of war or their surviving family members. A jounalist by the name of Michael Sneed and the editors of the Chicago Sun-Times punish these two dead women, saying their voices and lives had no significance, printing his words in a letter authored by in my opinion, from the man whom murdered both Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson.

I realize the photo's from the crime scene when Kathleen Savio's body was found will likely never be released and kept under seal from the public. For three reasons:

1st-If you saw these particular photo's you would know by viewing them that she was beaten. Brusises covered her back, torso, arms, shoulders, stomach and legs. From the naked eye there was no doubt this was not an accident, Kathleen Savio was murdered.

2nd- The way her body was positioned in the tub is something commonly taught at the police academy, dipicting a staged crime scene.

3rd-Those investigators who looked away by not documenting her murder, thinking they were doing their fellow buddy in blue a favor, caused the killing of yet another innocent victim of war Stacy Peterson.

I for one would like the names of these so called investigators along with former State's Attorney Tomczak to be gathered together for a formal Senate investigation hearing for the "war on intimate partner homicide." I realize it will do nothing to give Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio back their lives. But it will do so much to prevent future casualities in this war. Peterson is a social and psychotic nightmare of the worst kind, and we can learn a great deal in talking, reviewing and analyzing what has and hasn't happened since the murders.

"If you are outraged by the Chicago Sun Time and their disregard for the families of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson by making headlines of Drew Peterson's jailhouse letters, do your part and let them know by calling, emailing or faxing. Nothing will change unless action is taken. The columnist, Micheal Sneed and her editor, should know that by making decisions based on headlines and readership instead of integrity and ethics is one of the reasons the public fuels people like Drew Peterson."

Fax number to the Chicago Sun Times is 312-321-3084

Michael Sneeds direct email address is :

Andrew Hermann, Managing Editor 312-321-3000

Zach Finken, News Editor 312-321-3000


  1. Susan,

    You are awesome! This is an amazing article, and so right on the money! Keep up the good work, keeping Stacy, and Kathleen's memory, and story alive. Drew needs to pay for what he did, and justice will be served in the future! It sickens me how some of these media outlets let's him get on tv, or the radio and make a big joke out of these two beautiful women's demise. It has been a circus, and this Sneed, and others like them have helped him make light out of a tragedy, as if portraying him as the victim, when he is the one who committed these horrific crimes! The real victims, and their families don't, and didn't deserve what is being shoved in their faces by this animal. He needs to be silenced and locked away forever!!!

  2. Susan, I totally agree with the comment above. It pretty much sums it up. I will be contacting the Sun times to tell them exactly what I think of that ignorant article. Keep up the good work and shining a light into the darkness so that those dealing with domestic violence will see that there is hope.

  3. Heres the email I sent to Sneed this morning:

    I am outraged that Drew Petersonit seems like (he thinks) he has gotten away seems to think he is some kind f a celebrity. I suspect that without the intense media scrutiny he would have probably gotten away with the murder of his third wife and he thinks he is getting away with Stacys murder just because her body has not been found. Its not lost on the general public that he's an ex-cop who apparently had a lot of assistance from his fellow cops who preferred to look the other way than .
    bring Justice to either woman.
    Drew's behavior has been outrageous from the beginning. His TV appearances as well as Brodsky's are beyond belief. It flies in the face of respect for the lives of two women who were unfortunate enough to get caught in Peterson's web.
    Please do not allow Drew Peterson to get away with either one of these murders. Is anyone still looking for Stacy, does anybody care? We demand some real police activity in Bollingbrook for what this man has done. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN STACY, NOR HAVE WE FORGOTTEN KATHLEEN. It would not surprise me to see Drew somehow get himself released from jail, as he seems to be "running the show". The police department should be ashamed.
    We are not "going away" nor will we forget. We demand Justice.

  4. Susan,

    I have sent 2 e-mails to the Sun Times. As you know, my friend Renee Pagel was murdered. I have worked for 4 years to have her voice heard....and when I see STUPID things in the media it makes me hang my head in disbelief. Then, there's this....and you are so right on the money. WHY????? As you said, headlines and readership instead of integrity and ethics. I thank God for you and the voice you continue to give for these voiceless victims.


  5. Drew Peterson has not been forgotten by the police. They have looked in two different places right around here in Illinois. They searched the waters and surrounding areas to no avail. It is terrible that this man can do this and with his third wifes death, the police turned their head because he was a friend and buddy. They should be sent up the river with him.

  6. Kudos to you, Susan!! I agree, those so-called investigators should also be held accountable...I am sick of the "Code of Blue"! It makes it even more reprehensible because these people supposedly are there to protect the public, not to abuse their trust!!

    Drew Peterson can enjoy his paltry little claim to fame, he will be found to be responsible for the two murders of these innocent women, and he will never see the light of day! There are too many people on to him!


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