Monday, November 23, 2009

A Day of Thanksgiving: Oh My Soul I Still Give Thanks

By Pamela Chapman

As I pondered upon what message or thought I would share for my next piece, at first I thought about continuing with my last contribution. I thought I’d share some information to help move you forward using journaling. We will still delve into that subject but since we are in the Thanksgiving season, I am inspired to go there instead.

While there may be some controversy around what Thanksgiving Day is and what it represents, I believe our history books are consistent in this. Those who settled in the Plymouth Colony were not entrepreneurs like those who settled in Jamestown. They were those who were fleeing religious persecution and seeking a place to worship as they saw fit. Many of the events and traditions surrounding Plymouth Colony have become part of American history including Thanksgiving, hence Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and express gratitude in general.

Thanksgiving ushers in the holidays and for many of us, myself included, it brings haunting memories. Many of us are grieving. I need not list what I believe that grieving might be. Unfortunately, many of us have a difficult time finding anything to give thanks for or celebrate about this time of year.

Please do not take this as me being some expert telling you what you have to do and what you should do. I have suffered much grief and much pain in my fifty plus years of living. I’ve cried enough tears for several oceans let alone rivers. I still cry. Often time, now, my tears are tears of refreshing. I cry tears that represent my “how I got over,” and my tears often represent tears of thanksgiving. However, I still cry intercessory tears.

Even as I write this piece, I cry. I cry for the woman who has lost her child due to some lost soul not seeing her baby as the precious jewel they are and will always be. I cry for the parents and siblings who don’t know where there loved ones are today and there is no closure. I even cry for the soul who is so confused, full of hate and turmoil that must harm others in order to feel fulfilled. I cry for the nation who cannot see their children and women as jewels and treasures who should be cherished and protected. I cry for the nations who believe human beings should be sold and bought like commodities. However, in spite of it all, I still give thanks.

I give thanks that today I opened my eyes and took a new breath. I give thanks because today I know that the Universe sends new mercy. I give thanks because I have a roof over my head and food in the refrigerator. I give thanks because I have an eight-six-year old mother who last year this time wasn’t expected to live. I give thanks that I have a handsome son, beautiful daughter-in-law and five incredibly beautiful grandchildren who are driving my son crazy paying him back for all the times he drove me crazy. I give thanks that in spite of what my son has come through and what I have come through we still have our wits about us, our self-confidence and our self-worth.

No, it didn’t come without some realigning, but I am thankful and we are moving on. I give thanks that in spite of all the challenges this great nation faces, I can still open my laptop this morning and freely express what my heart wants to say to you today. I give thanks to all Supreme Intelligence and all Powerful Creator who has sent me to love and to heal and to be a light amongst the lights. I give thanks that you, the amazingly and wonderfully made, are in and part of my life. I am thankful for You, your love and your complete healing.

Oh my soul, I still give thanks.

In Love & Light

Pamela Chapman, CTACC, CDVS
Self-Esteem and Life-Transition Expert, Teacher, Author

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