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A Terrible Case of GOOD vs. EVIL

Victoria Joelle Larson, Born February 8, 1969 - Killed July 12, 1979

By Cherry Simpson

Why does God allow evil to prevail in this world? It’s an eternal question, which means it’s not likely we’ll be able to answer it, in this lifetime.
Victoria Joelle Larson was born Feb 8, 1969. Her mother Dora Larson told me ”Vicki had a beaming smile, sunlit, she was my special gift from God, a sweet, giving, innocent child.” Dora had so many hopes and dreams for her little girl; dreams for a long and happy life together, and a future.
On July 12, 1979, Vicki was walking home after her brother’s little league game in the tiny town of Andover, IL. It was then Evil crossed Vicki’s path - his name was Scott Darnell. He was someone she knew, he visited his grandparent’s often, he’d been to Vicki’s house, and Vicki knew he had a crush on her older sister. Darnell led Vicki into a desolate cornfield, where, he had dug her grave three or four days earlier.
Scott William Darnell had dreams too, but his dreams are every parent’s worst nightmare. When 15-year-old Scott Darnell moved in with his grandparents in May 1979, he brought with him a history of molesting children and other violent acts. While still in grade school, Darnell established a pattern of molesting young girls. He later threatened a girl with a knife, tried to rape a 10-year-old girl, and assaulted staff members at juvenile facilities where he was assigned. In fact Scott had been housed in every juvenile facility in IL at the time of his parole. (The state called it a summer release.)
A psychiatrist would testify a year later that Darnell was a homicide waiting to happen. The system knew Darnell dreamed of raping and murdering little girls. And yet they released him into a community who had no knowledge what he was or what he had done or dreamed of doing. They were not allowed to protect their little girls from this monster.
Darnell knew in this little town of just 600, he’d be able to make his dreams a reality. He’d already found his victim; he’d been to her home. Her parents trusted him because they didn’t know what he had done or what he was capable of. The law was actually on his side - protecting him, and in a sense helping him, to commit his next crime - only this time he added murder to the mix.
In planning Darnell gathered wooden stakes with leather straps to bind her while he tortured her, he conveniently placed this right next to the shallow grave he dug. Now all he had to do was to lure her into the cornfield. He did that with the promise of a pony. Once she was there his dream became a sick reality. Darnell was at least twice Vicki by size and weight. He knew it wouldn’t be difficult for him to subdue her. Darnell forcibly raped and killed little Vicki, torturing her and strangling her then throwing her little lifeless body into that shallow grave like she was yesterday’s trash.
Why did he do it? To fulfill his sexual needs. Darnell had already established a pattern of sexual deviance and possessed the character traits - criminal, narcissistic, he lacked guilt, remorse, empathy and compassion. All this had been well documented in his psychological exams while housed in the juvenile facilities prior to his release in May 1979.
On Friday July 13, 1979 Vicki’s body was found. (Daily Herald Story) Darnell confessed, he was found guilty and sentenced to 30 yr’s for the rape and given natural life for the murder. The verdict came on what should have been little Vicki’s 11th birthday.
At 18 Darnell was to be sent to an adult prison. He has never shown guilt, remorse or sadness for his actions. Darnell devalues Vicki’s rights and over values his rights, he is indifferent to and or aroused by the pain, suffering, injury or humiliation he did to Vicki.
It’s now 30 years later and Scott Darnell inmate #N42540, is now age 46- a Buddhist who calls himself Legion - is an example of true evil in this world.
In a failed attempt to escape prison (the rules don’t apply to him) officials found this letter in his cell. Darnell even in prison, continues to dream of rape and murder. He cares nothing for the murder of Vicki he even misspells her name.
Through the years Darnell has made notoriety, based on him being a criminal in for life- by writing for various Buddhist publications such as (but not limited to) Tricycle, Turning Wheel, Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly. His copyrighted article entitled “Meeting Myself in the Cell House” was published in The Best Buddhist Writing 2005. Darnell writes about no remorse for his horrendous crimes, in fact he is less than honest in his description of why he is prison at all. Making it sound like one big horrible mistake. These writings are more evidence he has not accepted responsibility for the rape and murder of the 10 yr old child Vicki Larson nor is he remorseful or repentant even after 30 yrs in prison.
What criminals count on is forgetful memories, dead victims and a lack of knowledge of the crime. Just as Darnell has attempted to rewrite history the Internet can be used to remind people of the truth and facts. The truth and facts of this case are, that Scott Darnell is a repeat sexual pedophile and child murderer.
He does not ask for forgiveness in any of his writings. He does talk about himself and how he’s had a bad life (You see he is more important). He blames his mother who died of diabetes when he was 7. Never once does he say he was a repeat sexual pedophile and child murderer. When Darnell chants “No more victim, No more victim”, I am convinced he is speaking of “himself the victim.
In stark contrast to the evident EVIL found in Darnell I am amazed at the GOOD found in Vicki’s mother, Dora Larson. Dora is a wonderful example of a good mother and proves that - in her life’s work - by not letting her little girl’s murder be in vein.
Dora was the founder and executive director of the Protecting All Children Together (PACT) coalition. She sacrificed much to help other children who had been victims of sexual abuse. Think about how hard that must have been for Dora to endure - how many times her thoughts would be brought back her own little girl’s suffering. She didn’t stop there - Dora in 1997 then headed up the Victims Services Unit in the Department of Corrections. You see Dora had the empathy and the understanding and she backed it up with her service for others. Now Dora is officially retired but still helps others as she is the Vice President of Illinois Victims. Over the last 30 years Dora has helped to pass many laws protecting victim rights. Dora is a woman I am so proud to know. She makes me want to be a better person and a better mother. When I think of Dora, I think of God’s love. What is love? Love is actions and that is Dora - she is “God’s Love in action.”
Dora wrote a letter to Darnell, she wanted him to know God would forgive him, if only he would repent - if he would ask for forgiveness and come to faith in Jesus, he too could go to Heaven. Dora knows Justice belongs to God and God is a just God.
In return, true to his EVIL self, Darnell wrote Dora a 4 page-scathing letter telling her “How dare you ask ME if I believe in God.” He then used Dora’s letter against her - by falsely presenting it to the Prison Review Board as proof that his victim’s mother wanted him to go free. Remember Darnell can’t spell Vicki’s name right, or write about her or what he has done to her, or say he’s sorry for what he’s done. He doesn’t like God and he calls himself “Legion.”
In Sept of 2008 Darnell filed another petition for executive clemency asking for a pardon from his 30-year sentence for rape and commutation of his life sentence for murder to time served. In his letter he changed his crime (including changing the murder and forcible rape to the name of "it"). He also claims to be a model prisoner. (It’s helpful there are no 10 or 11-year-old little girls in prison.)
Darnell deserved the death penalty for the heartless murder of this 10-year old girl. If he had been put to death, he could not make threats on other innocent people or write books from jail. Dora doesn’t want any other little girls graves to be dug or raped or killed by Darnell.
To paraphrase one of Dora’s favorite old saying, evil triumphs when good men (and women) do nothing. Will you help to keep all little girls safe and join us in writing the Governor and the Illinois Prisoner Review Board? Please ask that Scott W. Darnell be denied all clemency. Write to: Illinois Prisoner Review Board, 319 E. Madison St., Suite A, Springfield, Ill., 62701. And/or contact Governor Pat Quinn, 207 State House, Springfield, IL 62706.
All of us have trouble dealing with such evil - and I think our society has an even harder time dealing with it. It is my opinion that our society does not like to admit the presence of true evil. We like to think that all people are basically good . . . or at least have some good in them. But there are some people whom M. Scott Peck, a famous author, calls "People of the Lie" who have given themselves over to evil, whom the devil controls completely.
Darkness is powerful and prevalent. It surrounds us. However, it cannot extinguish the light. Even when murderers and rapists deprive us of life, we have life in God's Son. Little Vicki and her brave Mother Dora know. He gives us eternal life. He frees us from all suffering. Others can take our "body and life" but they cannot take the faith that is in our hearts. They cannot take our Savior away from us - no matter how cruel or awful they may be. We have victory in Jesus. Jesus said to his disciples hours before he was to be beaten, flogged and crucified, "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). We also have the promise, "Our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us" (Romans 8:18). As bad as things get here - and I cannot think of anything worse than a precious 10-year old girl being raped and murdered - the wonder of heaven will be far greater. Dora looks forward to her happy reunion with her child and an eternity of perfect happiness one day in Heaven.
Dora keep that light shining your light has strengthened my faith and countless others. What a wonderful reward you will have in heaven. “The spirit of the dead will survive in the memory of the living.” A memorable quote from the movie The Mission.
"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5)

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  1. I am going to write letters. Thank you for informing me about this situation with Scott W. Darnell.

  2. This monster should NEVER be released from prison! He should have been executed a long time ago! I will definitely write the governor! God bless you Dora for keeping the memory of your precious little girl in the public eye. This horrible crime should never be forgotten!

  3. Thank you for bringing this horrible evil deed to light! Her memory should go on. It is something people need to know about, and then take action. I appreciate your blog and I am definitely going to pass this blog on to my friends. Thank you for what you are doing for the victims and for their friends and family members.

  4. He is still in? It is 2009, and the article says Sept, 2008.
    This is a horrible travesty of our justice system. NO child should be at the mercy of Evil in this manner. I will write. My son suffered from the hands of his father. The courts still allow him visitation rights, because in a male child you have to catch the perpetrator in the act, or within a 1/2 an hour of the act. They never filed criminal charges on his dad. Instead, because his father was Arab, they did not want to be called racists, and so gave him supervised visits from the time my son was 2 until he was 5. At the age of 5 they said he was old enough to tell if his father hurt him, so allowed him to go unsupervised. In the meantime, we later found out he also hurt my daughter, who finally spoke when she was 14, and they chose not to believe her because by then she was using drugs and was angry at the world. They used that against her and did not get help for her. Now she is 24 and I raise her 1st daughter, but she has gone on to college and education herself. My son who is 14 now, still see's his father, and we still have a case manager, who does nothing. Despite him seeing his dad, he is straight A's and has a scholarship to college. My answer to all of this is was duh! I shake my head at the system that allowed both of these children to suffer, and one to continue to suffer. He is smart and good, but the anger is there. My husband and I see it. It will eventually bite his dad. I dream of the day. They let 2 of my children slip through the cracks, and there are so many more out there that it will happen to if we allow these types of men to walk our streets.

  5. Darnell has petitioned for executive clemency and expungement. He originally submitted it in 2008 to Gov. Blagojevich and it is still on the new Governor's desk.

    His timing on his wanting to change his plea on the rape charge is no coincidence - it comes after all the media coverage on rape kits. There is audio tape of Darnell saying he planned, dug the grave and knew he would rape her 3 or 4 days prior to carrying it out.

    His request shows no remorse or ownership of the crimes he committed he and his supporters only refer to it as "it" or the "tragedy."

    Darnell spends a lot of time talking about how he is missing out on life. He feels he paid his debt and deserves to be a free man.

    His request and letters of support including letters from his family, a Buddhist Priest and Human Rights Watch.

    He includes all articles and books he has published in US and abroad all stating he holds copyright, royalties are also spoken about. He calls writing his career. One of his publications was in a magazine which promoted pornographic material.

    It is just wrong to say a child abuser/murderer has paid his debt to society. It's very important that we do write to the PRB and the Gov. Sadly this falls on the shoulders of the victim's family and public.

    You would not want Darnell moving in next door to you. It's rumored he want to go to Naperville, IL.

    1. As a man that went to school at St Pauls Lutheran in moline with him who threatened my sister and one of my female friends from school. I took both my sister and friend home and Scott he had a knife I took,the knife away and beat him up told him to stay away from both my sister and friend he told the prince able at school and I got into trouble I feel vindicated now for protecting both my sister and friend. He needs to stay in prison till,the day he dies

  6. I have lost all respect for the buddist faith, do they not have the ability to sense evil?

  7. I believe Darnell has used the Buddhist community to help give himself a different persona. The Buddhists may not have any true picture of what he did nor of how he has continued in prison committing other crimes such as masterminding escape, the making of deadly weapons, illegal transfer of funds, to name a few.

    While in prison he's had numerous judicial reviews, not surprising he accepts no responsibility for.

    He has not followed the restitution court order instead taking moneys for his enjoyment purposes, hiding his actions, thus showing his consciousness of guilt.

    He is not sorry. His true actions (not the words he writes) show his true nature.

    Darnell e is true to his chosen name for himself "Legion" PRINCE OF LIARS.

  8. Thank you for posting this, this is truly one individual that does not deserve another chance at freedom, he has proven his desire not to change or even feel any guilt or remorse over the terrible crime he as committed against this young girl and her family. This is an individual who should not have been allowed to receive any compensation for his writings, those funds should have been directed to the families of his victims. I will be sending a letter to fight against his release.

  9. Wow. This is an eye opener. Just read Darnell's article about sitting in prison @ Buddhist site, which checking on Tiger Wood's quandry.
    He sounds so nice, but I wondered what he was in prison for.
    Googled my way to this site.
    Thanks for the information.

  10. Come listen to Dora and Cherry talk about this terrible crime on The Dana Pretzer Show
    Click Here to Listen

    The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - Friday, December 4, 2009 - Special Guests: Dora Larson, Cherry Simpson, Jon Leiberman and Robin Sax

    Tonight Dana Welcomes Special Guests:

    Dora Larson VP Illinois Victims and Cherry Simpson mother of a Crime Victim discussing the The Vicki Larson case.

    Robin Sax will be discussing all things crime including the guilty verdict of Amanda Knox and the police shooting in Washington state in her weekly segment, “Nothing But the Sax”.

    Jon Leiberman from Americas Most Wanted

  11. "Nul n'est censé ignorer la loi",Personne ne peut à titre individuel ou collectif remplacer la loi.
    A mon avis,cet homme a payé (ainsi est la justice des hommes!),vouloir le remettre en prison,en dépit des arrêts de la justice,voudrait dire que vous ne faites pas confiance en votre justice. et c'est ce qui,précisément,encourage toutes les dérives, tous les détraqués à commettre des crimes.
    Je suis écoeuré autant que vous mais ainsi sont les règles de société,et on les respecte,sinon c' loi de la jungle.
    Il a payé et avec tout ce qui se dit sur lui,par le biais de ces appels et autres,sa peine n'en finira jamais.Et c'est là où c'est positif et dissuasif!
    Bon courage!

  12. I don't know if anyone will see this, but I lived in a children's home with Scott.. I warned the houseparents about him. He tried to get me to lure one of my friends to him. this would have been 1977 or 78.. I told the house parents how he was stalking my friend who also lived here. They knew what a monster he was and still put him in a coed childrens home... He was very creepy.. Years later I am still angry nothing was done to protect society from this MONSTER..

    1. Please content Dora Larsen at larson.dora at gmail dot com - Scott Darnell is is a part of the group of killers being allowed resentensing in IL - see Vicki's Mom Dora in this article Juvenile killers sentenced to life allowed re-sentencing also read more about the

  13. Scott Darnell raped and murdered a 12-year-old girl, Victoria Larson, one month after he was released on parole in connection with juvenile court proceedings on another case. The victim’s mother, Dora Larson, sued the parole officer and the Illinois Department of Corrections for failing to properly supervise and control Darnell. She lost. (Source: Larson v. Darnell, 113 Ill. App. 3d 975, 448 N.E.2d 249, 1983 Ill. App. LEXIS 1678, 69 Ill. Dec. 789 (Ill. App. 3rd Dist. 1983).

  14. They're arguing here as to how old is too young for a life sentence, I say if you're old enough dig a grave 3 days before you rape and murder a 10 year old girl, you're OLD enough to get the death penalty. Keep this monster is prison. Actually I prefer the death sentence, tired of paying for these creeps!!!
    And this creep had a history of torturing then killing animals! Oh yea I'd let this guy out-NOT!! No respect for women and children in this country. If the prisons are getting to full then execute them PERIOD!!!!!


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