Friday, July 16, 2010

Living in Midtown Disturbia?

The first time I became aware of house arrest and ankle bracelets was watching the 2007 suspense thriller movie “Disturbia”. The lead young man “Kale”, played by Shai LeBeouf, went stir crazy because he was not allowed to leave his house. Kale is on house arrest for a minor infraction, the story has a beautiful girl and a murderer living next door. It’s a little like Rear Window with a twist. A very bored Kale decides to spy on his neighbors, one who just happens to be a serial killer. Hence the title of the movie “Disturbia” - after all even killers have to live next door to someone.

What Is House Arrest?

According to - A arrest is an alternative form of incarceration in which the prisoner serves his or her sentence while in the confines of his or her home. House arrest is utilized in few cases. These cases usually involve a low degree of seriousness; thus, crimes such as murder and manslaughter usually do not qualify for consideration of house-arrest sentencing.

This is of course unless you live on Georgia St. in Midtown “Disturbia” where an accused murderer can live right next door. If you live in this neighborhood just don’t stumble across any secrets that could just cost you your life. Remember the quote from the movie, “He’s hiding something and he knows that we know that.”

In a "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" funny kind-of-way, Steve Nodine was recently released and placed on house arrest in Midtown Mobile, AL. Unlike Kale, Nodine is no young man (he turned 47 last week). He isn’t on house arrest for a minor infraction, he’s accused of murdering a beautiful woman named Angel Downs. The neighbors don’t like thinking they are living next door to an accused killer.

Stealth Steve - I like to Play

“Do you think he sees us?” “No but he feels us watching.” is what I imagine is being said between the media and law enforcement as they sit on stakeout watching Stealth Steve.

There’s been “Stealth Steve” sightings posted on Lagniappe FaceBook Page with interesting comments.

I just saw Nodine stroll into Spot of Tea with a "Y'all keep praying" sign-off to 2 greeters. Drove away in a mini- SUV after spending 3 minutes inside. Weds 6/23/2010

Nodine was spotted at Griffith Shell this morning filling up his interestingly-named Ford Escape. He was dressed for business and chatting up customers. Tues 6/22/2010 9:01am

Those who know of Nodine’s penchant for womanizing won’t think it odd that he may also be looking for a new pigeon to prey on - albeit online. Rumor is his ID might be Beach47M, and profile says “Lets get on with life. We all have issues and hurdels, so lets jump over them and enjoy life.” Comforting to think he’s so understanding, isn’t it?

Where else do you get this kind of entertainment?

Nodine has a visible Facebook page, complete with an orange glo Steve on Orange Beach (Man Tan) His sister Laura Coffey commented on Steve's status after July 6th. Something about her baking him a cake with toenail shavings in it. Steve's witty comeback was something like - probably but out of the joint with those toes shaving instead of file :)

The cake was in honor of Nodine’s 47th birthday. Gossip at the gas station was Steve was having a party at his new digs - Lynam’s house, with an open bar. It was reported that Steve wouldn’t be drinking, not because he’s turned over a new leaf, but because he can’t. Some say his GPS Bio Sensor ankle bracelet not only knows where he is but may also know and if he has any alcohol enter his system. Other's say it's not a bio-sensor just GPS. A small consolation (see questions below)

Last Fri night John Lynam was said to be entertaining the friends of Steve Nodine. Spare no expense. It’s costing John his regularly scheduled visitation with his own children. Isn't this a violation of the house arrest? Gas station talk and Facebook friends seem to know more about the goings on in the haunted house on Georgia street then the authorities. Does this haunted victorian house hold more twisted secrets? Here’s hoping it’s not a friendly ghost visiting Steve.

Nodine now has a website called Friends of Steve Nodine Legal Defense Fund soliciting funds for his attorney. Funny thing is there’s lots of pic’s of Steve but few photo’s of any friends (and shrinking). Sen. Richard Shelby and Jo Bonner have disappeared from the site. It was also reported the alleged friend who put up the site was very irate when it leaked out who he was. Seems the only friends who’ll make a personal appearance on Steve’s behalf are of questionable character. Imagine that?!

With no court date set the accused killer now has time now to sun on the deck, texting, emailing (so called) friends, play video games, build the tower of twinkie (from stalkers handbook) and look for virtual love on-line. Warning - he’s bored as hell ... don’t send him your pics!.

Can a leopard change his spots? I don’t think so. “There’s something seriously messed up here.” No more flashing a badge and pretending to be an officer but it won’t be long and he’ll be back in the spotlight. He just can’t help himself.

Support Justice for Angel Downs on Facebook - Unwavering commitment to convicting her killer.

I wish the media would cover this story more. Why is there not more transparency to the working of the justice system? I have a few questions about the Alabama House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring Programs.

  • What is the Alabama Code covering House arrest program and electronic monitoring program? Who approves this program what board? (Note: Nodine Served on Alabama Sentencing Commission, 2004-2008.)
  • If he is on restricted travel? How was he able to go into his friend's restaurant A Spot of Tea? His parole officer would have had to given prior approval. If not was he reprimanded or once again given special treatment?
  • Nodine has had behavior patterns such as drug addiction, violence, flight risk, fed indictment and impeachment, I consider him to pose to great a risk to the community. How did he qualify for these programs? How could a judge with a good conscience allow him to qualify?
  • What are the policies and procedures for House arrest and electronic monitoring programs? Who approves and implements the programs? Is it Federal? Are the cases being grouped together?
  • What is the frequency of face-to-face and collateral contacts to ensure offenders’ compliance with the conditions of the House Arrest Program.
  • Was Lynam's rented house approved as a stable residence? Did the owner of the home have to approve of the home being used as a branch of the jail? (Can a stable residence have a open bar party for the participant? Isn't home suppose to be gun, drug and alcohol free?)
  • Is it a requirement that Nodine have stable employment as defined by Department rules and regulations? Is Nodine required to pay for the house arrest and electronic monitoring and what is it costing him? If he's not employed who is paying for it?
  • What are the requirements for his participation and continued participation?
  • What are the procedures for violations?
  • Is Nodine attending classes or counseling as a ordered by the court?
  • Is the ankle-worn device one that measures ingested alcohol through a sensor that rests firmly on the client's skin? Does it also have drug testing capability? If not how is he being tested and how often?
  • Why wasn't Nodine arrested for impersonating an officer - a Class C misdemeanor.
  • Didn't Nodine violate his duty to support the U.S. and Alabama Constitutions? Why not be charged?


  1. Please join Support Justice for Angel Downs on Facebook

  2. Thanks Cherry! This is a great article. You
    have ask the same questions I am wondering
    about. Who is watching Steve and why have
    they not put him back in jail for violating
    his house arrest? Justice will be served.

  3. So Nodine's wife is keeping his son from him and he's not so happy anymore. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  4. I get scared in that video. I know that there will be a justice for that case. I will share this post to all my friends and I am sure that they are going to support justice for angel downs.

  5. If you want answers to these "mysterious" questions, why not walk up to the front door and ask? YOU have stalked this man! His facebook is for family only - I wonder how you got into it???? HACKED into it, that's how! You are no better with your "reporting" of something you have NO inside knowledge. You are assuming like everyone else! How do you know it is him on this "singles" sight? Are you trying to lure him???? Why are you on it? Looking for someone special....or stalking Steve Nodine???

  6. Dear Anonymous -

    Thank you for your comment. You sound like one of his admirers. I'm very sorry for you.

    Have you read the newest post The Accused Lady Killer - “I know what you are - you’re nothing but a Womanizer.” If you liked this one you'll love that one.

    I didn't stalk him. I was contacted by various women he's annoyed. His facebook wasn't private and he wasn't just conversing with family. He represented himself as Steve Nodine and it certainly does sound like him on the video in the new post.

    The questions are not mysterious they are also not for accused murderer Steve Nodine. I would not suggest you knock on his or OJ 's front door for your own well-being. Thanks for reading. Hope you listen to the show tonight. It's is suppose to be a real doozy!

    Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation with Hosts Sheryl McCollum and Susan Murphy-Milano

    The only time I hacked was when I heard his voice in the video.

    *My comments are only my opinion, not fact. It is my commentary on the topic, and I'm exercising my 1st Amendment rights as a US citizen. Comments are NOT made with any malicious intent.

  7. Dear Anonymous-

    FYI Steve's biggest admirer's is Steve Nodine so this maybe YOU!! I understand you're frustrated not being in control. Isn't that what Mom told you the other day?? Abusers - control - control - abusers has a certain ring to it doesn't it?

    PS You miss-spelled site.

  8. Sargent Goodall really needs to stop trying to befriend everyone on Stephen Nodine's friend list and everyone that went to his school...AND his teenage niece! Good heavens, how low do you plan to go??? I am guessing that Sargent Goodall is not a real person. It's OK now, we have been able to alert everyone that she is stalking him!!! It is pretty obvious of her/his hatred for Stepehn Nodine. I am sure your show will be quite entertaining since people will say anything to get their 5 minutes of fame.

  9. I hope EVERYONE in Mobile listened to the Intimate Partner Homicide Investigations show last night! The family and friends of Angel Downs were given some great advice from professionals who have over 60 years collectively in their fields!

    Fabulous show and if you didn't get a chance to listen live, go to the link, you can download and listen at anytime!

    It's high time that we remember the names and the lives of the VICTIMS and not the accused murderers like Drew Peterson and Steve Nodine!

    Pray for Justice for ANGEL DOWNS!

  10. My comment is the only "truth" that has been reported by anyone is that Steve Nodine has been arrested for the murder of Angel Downs. Everything else is pure speculation. There is a great deal more that we dont know that will come out. What I have seen so far is the only thing consistent about the media is inconsistent reporting. What has happened is a tragedy but none of us can classify it as a murder until all of the facts come out. Remember the first report was suicide then her family came down and said there was no way she killed herself. They said the same thing when she overdosed in 2006. It seems there is much we dont know about both parties.

  11. Thanks Steve for your insightful but inaccurate report and opinion.

  12. I noticed the four guys charged with killing Kyser Miree are being held without bail. I guess when you're a county commissioner, you get a different set of rules.

  13. Sound's more like Nodine's Atty Knizley. Lame like his client. Knizley how come your client can't stop opening his mouth??
    There's not enough soap in the world to wash the stench off your hands from Nodine.
    Truth? That word just doesn't sound right coming out of your mouth.
    Nodine is going to prison for murdering a beautiful girl. I hope he get's the chair!
    It's what he deserves.

  14. Loudoun County Virginia

    I have been a victim of extreme harassment and stalking for about 10 years now. I have had a homemade bomb exploded in my mail box, gasoline thrown on my garage door, home broken into on numerous occasions, threats left in my mail box, property vandalized, and have been stalked by an organized group rather than an individual. Group stalking has become a growing problem with the onset of social networking on the internet. Are there any stats on the number of people reporting this type of organized stalking? I have run into other people that are dealing with the same type of organized harassment.

  15. That is what many abusers do - STALK - see today's post

    YES - Nodine has a history of stalking that goes way back -

    Hopefully Nodine will be behind bars soon and off the streets and internet so unsuspecting women will be kept safe.

  16. About the information that the Nodine Atty's are letting leak out to the media. They are trying to make Nodine into the victim. All the while Angel Downs is dead.

    Possible suicide - was ruled out and remember Angel Downs needed to take medication to stay alive everyday. Drug interactions can happen. To says she tried to commit suicide is untrue.

    Now poor Steve is being group stalked. Speaking about an event truthfully is not stalking.

    Abusers never change they even try to bully the media, the system and the general public.

    This case is very similar to the Drew Peterson case.

  17. Sargent Goodall changed into Gail Rain...sounds like a porn name??? This person even pulled photos of a girl (with clothes on) from a porn advertising site for their facebook profile. Sounds like a guy - girls would not use a porn site to get their all of it is gone. Hmmmm. I am in no way related to Stephen Nodine or his attorneys. I just know that unless you were at the scene that day, you don't know what happened.

  18. What happened is Angel was killed. The autopsy showed that it was murder.

    Come back and read the next installment on the 16th. Glad to have you as a reader.


  19. Organized Stalking exist in Naperville, IL. I have been a targeted victim of being harassed, stalked. Im concerned the organized stalking is targeted to Blacks, female Caucasian, Gays and Lesbians. The organized stalking has built a stronger regime for the KKK.


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