Monday, April 25, 2011

Eternally Yours - Angel Downs Murder Case

Today is the sentencing date for Stephen Nodine of the Federal Gun Charge.

But the Angel Downs murder case story continues .....

The lone UNSUB is the
"you know who I am, The Hammer," (impeached) Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine.

The murder victim is the beautiful blond
Angel Downs, swept off her feet by the "lies for a living" politician Stephen Nodine, Angel finds the results more than tragic - ending with a shot through her head on Mother's Day 2010.

I wonder why a man of his talents is always on the dole? But after a closer look at his rap sheet it helped to explain. He is no boy scout.

Nodine Criminal History:
1979- Arrested for larceny from yard.
1985- Arrested for exposure of sexual organs.
1987- Breaks into a former girlfriend’s home and attacks her when she returns.
1988-Judgement for eviction.
1992- Strikes and kills a woman with a vehicle.
1997- Arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.
2010- Charged with possession of illegal drugs. Charged with shooting murder of Angel Downs. Grand Jury impeachment. Pleads guilty to federal gun charge.

Angel quickly found the most difficult trick in the world is to get rid of an abusive man. His death-defying stunts gave her
nightmares. She found herself living at the edge of life - with out-stretched arms . . . but was found shot dead before she could reach it.

You see Angel had enough of Nodine's lies, drugs, abuse and had ended the relationship. She knew his vanity and his secrets. No woman likes a fake and everything about Nodine is fake. She feared if the curtain came down he would make a grand exit... and he did, allegedly with a bang!

Nodine has moved to Villas on the Bay, 25957 Canal Rd., Unit #301, Orange Beach, AL. He sporting an ankle bracelet, considered a flight risk, he now has a quick getaway - complete with a boat slip. Read conditions of Nodine's Release Order

DA Dixon says "I don't like that the bar across the street is where a lot of the witnesses hang out. I don't like any of it. If I could stop it, I would."

Just in time for Spring Break. We all know what gets his motor going. Warning Landshark on the loose. He's also stepped up his personal appearances on TV. Then he can still use the pick up line "Don't you know who I am," to any unaware intoxicated young ladies.

At the
1st trial just before Christmas ended quickly in a hung jury a 9-3 split. Jurors referred to Nodine as "scum", the 9 who voted guilty were disappointed in the 2 who wouldn't budge. One was overheard during selection announce she would never convict. This juror had shot her boyfriends finger off. I can't help but wonder why was she even allowed on the jury?

The jurors — 9 women and 3 men — convicted Nodine of an ethics charge involving misuse of his government-issued pickup truck. “There was plenty of evidence,” juror Barton said, “plenty of overwhelming evidence. Justice was not served.”

So we wait in anticipation as Nodine has been declared impoverished and supplied with a new attorney and $38,000 - $3,000 for audio/visual. Even though the new DA Hallie Dixon hasn't yet decided if she'll retry the case.

He has a new benefactor supplying him with room and board, all utilities included. Nodine has kept himself busy, up to his old tricks, calling the media and showing loving photos of he and Angel in happier times.

Someone using the name Stephen Nodine recently began twittering stating he was going to the beach for church activities. Tweets included rude remarks and the account was suspended shortly there after. "I always find it interesting his followers don't seem to be as faith motivated as he claims to be."

He repeatedly says he wasn't there when Angel was shot. Despite the many witnesses seeing him before and after the shooting, fleeing the scene. The burning question why he didn't call to inquire about the love of his life after learning the news. He has no answer to that.

The ethics are so elusive.

The DA and Defense have agreed to send the Blackberry to the FBI. Read Order relating to Down's Blackberry.

What of Angel's family? They are solid as a rock. Fighting back by reminding the public, "Angel is the victim, NOT Nodine. This is one of the first times the family has spoken up in defense of their beloved family Angel, not wanting to harm the case.

Kevin Lee, Lagniappe article Victim's family: 'Nodine lies for a living' brings us all up to date, and includes candid touching moments of a loving family who is searching for justice and still mourning Angel's loss.

Thelma and family - God gave you Angel forever she is and always will be
Eternally Yours.

Nodine is under federal home detention and is scheduled to be sentenced on a gun charge in federal court April 25. Gordon Armstrong, Nodine’s court appointed attorney in his federal case. The U.S. Probation Office here has determined that Nodine faces at least 10 months in prison under advisory sentencing guidelines. U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade has discretion to sentence Nodine to advised sentence, probation or a split sentence involving home confinement or time in a halfway house. Armstrong suggested that he will seek straight probation.

*My comments are only my opinion, not fact. It is my commentary on the topic, and I'm exercising my 1st Amendment rights as a US citizen. Comments are NOT made with any malicious intent.



  1. MOBILE, Ala. — A federal judge here today sentenced former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine to 15 months behind bars and ordered him to be taken to jail immediately.

  2. cherry simpson you make malicious statements everytime you open your mouth or strike a key on your computer. You are behind the facebook page that inferences Nodine's custodian who tragically lost his girlfriend to wrong doing. What kind of sick person are you??? you have been contacted by the family to remove the comments but you dont. You have slandered Mr. Lynam for no purpose or basis and caused his family and the family of his deceased girlfriend undue trauma. How in good conscious could you make such an accustation as to question the method of her death and the question you asked about why wasnt either drug tested?!! How dare you!! The hurt I feel by your statements words cannot express. I can only ask why

  3. What inferences? I couldn't find any. I doubt the sincerity of the above comment - ironically when looking for the inferences I found a NEW Facebook Fan page called "Justice for Stephen Nodine" which slanders Angel Downs, created the same time as the above comment and just 2 days after special prosecutor David Whetstone said, "We are proceeding with the theory that Steve Nodine caused the death of Angel Downs by shooting her with a gun.":

    The "Justice for Stephen Nodine" info page says:,
    "This page was created to spread the word about the horrible injustice being served in Baldwin County, specifically regarding Stephen Nodine. In May 2010, Angel Downs took her own life and Steve has been accused of murder in connection with her death. Please like this page and show your support of our wonderful friend!"

    Nodine thinks he's still campaigning (from behind prison bars) - this time for a not guilty verdict - by tainting the jury pool.

    Is Lynam behind this page with the whopping 62 votes, I mean Likes?

    Claiming he is a victim is laughable. Don't forget to re-read this post.

    Nodine: Negligent homicide charge tossed

  4. State Wants Nodine's Cell Phone Records
    *Note - Allegedly someone played a golf tournament with Nodine (prior to Angel's shooting death) and in Nodine's golf cart were numerous cell phones. I hope they get ALL of his different cell phones and ALL their records. I am surprised they haven't gotten these by now.

  5. Steven Nadine I hope you and your mouth full of false teeth rot in hell with the rest of the murderers


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