Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey Listen Up: They Are Standing Right Beside You!

By Jillian Maas-Backman

Hopefully the title of this post has captured your attention. In case you are wondering to whom I am referring that is standing beside you, it is meant for those loved ones who have gone before us without answers. No one ever talks about the loved one who showed up in their dreams or provided clues in a hologram form as to a tragic death where the person responsible has yet to be arrested or the case to their murder remains unresolved. We hear an intuitive like John Edwards on a television program see his books and often wonder are they for real? Do people really see or speak to their loved ones after they have died? What really happens to a person after passing over to into God’s Kingdom?

Tonight I hope you will join me on Blog Talk radio as we discuss and hopefully provide answers to questions we all have regarding a friend or relative who has died and yet are afraid to ask or talk about this with anyone.
Many crime survivors visit this the Time’s Up blog looking for answers and information. We thought we would bring you a “Time’s Up Special” show using interactive radio technology hosted by Susan Murphy Milano and Jillian Maas-Backman, airing at 8:00 PM CST and 9:00 PM EST the link to participate or listen to the show is:

As the host of a weekly radio program on Lake 96.1 I utilize the power of both radio and the internet to cultivate awareness and encourage listeners to assimilate authentic life skills. I label this kind of radio programming as “interactive radio.” After each series is complete, I always post corresponding e-lesson on my website to download, comprised of exercises you can complete on your own to implement changes in your life’s landscape.

You are perfectly safe doing the following exercises on your own at your leisure. There is no reason to fear this kind of awakening you are experiencing. With practice and re-occurring visits, the fear will dissipate, and you will begin to cherish the connections.
Do not get caught up with what I label the “Hollywood” effect associated with this kind of work. It is not necessarily what is depicted in books or on television, and in most instances, quite the opposite, it's humble and unassuming visits. Remember, your loved ones are returning to assist you with whatever you need towards resolution. Whether that is to console or share intuitive insight. Never forget this is a gift to you from the other side. Respect the process.

Set Your Intentions before you continue down this path of cross- communication with anyone from the other side.
-Define your boundaries. There is absolutely no reasons to remote view the actually tragic details. Allow only what you can emotionally handle.
-Ask to be provided with the scenario leading up to the actual event, by-pass the committed act, and crucial facts immediately after the crisis.

Treat this kind of investigation you would any other modalities.
-Be very clear on what you want to know.
-Compile a mental list of unknown facts specific to your mystery case. List them with as much clarity as you can. This will eliminate background clutter that may come through and add potential confusion.

Compartmentalize your emotions, and pay attention
Many of you seek this kind of work as last resort. You have reached a point in the mystery that you are desperate for answers and will attempt almost anything for closure. This kind of work is not the end all, simply another avenue to finding truth and justice.
-There is no sense of urgency. Patience and practice is the tool needed for this kind of intervention. Your loved ones have come back into your life with purpose. Many survivors panic, push forward and miss crucial insights specific to their case.
-If you have been visited once, you can rest assured they will arrive again. No rushing allowed.
-You cannot force this kind of work, it will evolve as it can, piece at a time.
-Recall in your mind the first time you had the encounter, to your best ability, replicate the environment. Did they come to you in dreams, meditative encounters, driving your car or in the bathtub all alone in a peaceful surrounding?
-Trying too hard will only lead to frustration and no results. Let them come to you. They know best when you are ready and able to listen and learn.

Engage all the five senses!
-We use all of our natural senses in everything we do, as does the other side.
-Exploit this knowledge and train your mind to be a watchful observer.
Examples: Names of people, distinguishing human markings such as tattoos, clothing, perfume or cologne scents coming through, are you hearing certain words from the other side, conversations, music of any kind.

Any extra ordinary clues that could be classified as “unusual” in the surroundings.
-Journal everything! The other side works in small increments, not all at once. We can only take in so much at a time. It is your responsibility to report all gathered information.
Report your results
-Cronicle your findings as best you can and present these insights to whomever you feel can utilize this information to its fullest extent.
-Do not let embarrassment deter you from following through. Many professional view this type of investigative reporting as a valuable tool towards closure.
-Do not discount your finding because others cannot fully understand. The ultimate goal here is to find justice in whatever way possible.
-The emotional, mental, and spiritual pain that comes with unsolved cases grossly outweighs the stigma some associate with this kind of non-conventional technique.
-After you find that you have been successful utilizing this kind of intuitive investigative reporting, please refrain from saying to others: I told you so. Ego is an ugly thing.

Lastly, live in celebration.
You have been granted the highest form of grace from your deceased loved ones. Live in that love and be thankful for your courageous blessings.

In loving gratitude, Jillian Maas Backman, Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Award- winning Radio Personality.
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