Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gone Too Soon

The tragic loss of Ari kept me awake nearly all last night. Not good when I have a very long day of travels...finally, upon my own reflection of his passing....I cannot help but be confirmed that there is "more" than just a horrific loss of a beautiful, sweet 2-year old child. Why such a tragedy for his mother, a woman whose life calling has directed her towards helping families of missing by giving them a place to gather, reflect and support one another? (Peace4TheMissing) Why do bad things happen to good people?

As many of you know we lose so many brilliant minds to death by water...drownings, lake accidents, wandering into the path of a river. Perhaps there is more than we are aware. I wrote this to Sara this morning. I hope that it is not "too soon" and that she may find comfort in knowing perhaps her beautiful child passed in a way that none of us will ever fully understand...until one day, when our time comes. I wrote...

My heart aches for you Sara and your family. As a mother I cannot imagine the pain, nor the hurt of extreme loss of a beautiful child. I know finding the words to convey my thoughts… with the hopes of perhaps lessoning a bit of your pain….that you will find some comfort from what I've recognized about death by water a number of years back. 

Perhaps in some way this will "lesson" the pain, albeit… perhaps not right away.  We lose so many brilliant minds to water that one has to stop and look at this from another perspective. Water is symbolic of many things holy and in many different religions.

Perhaps it is God's portal to those chosen special to join him in heaven? Moses parted the Red Sea, water is used in baptisms for Christians, holy water is found in the Catholic church, our own bodies made up of 65% water, when God created earth…water was his pride and water is a necessity staple for those of us still on earth, water cleanses and washes away impurities…this taught by God. At Buddhist funerals water is placed in bowls, to Hindus all water is sacred and special attention to lakes, rivers and streams, Muslims are bathed in water as part of their ritual when one has passed, the Jewish faith practices that all earthly bodies are immediately cleansed as soon as can be done as water is holy and cleanses the departed to a restored state of purity, Japanese who practice Shintu utilize and recognize that water is sacred as are waterfalls and bath troughs placed for ritual washings in many places.

We are all born from the sack of waters that nourish and kept us until it is time to enter this world. I do not believe water is an "accident" or "coincidental"….I believe it is one of God's miracles that he has specially chosen as holy and symbolic..even to him.  It is the one major connection to all nature, humans and religions. I would like to think that perhaps only special ones are chosen to enter the gates of heaven through God's special creation. Water.

For those who may think water is the most horrific passing….perhaps God knows better. Perhaps we, left behind, shall open our eyes to more awareness, faith and beliefs that no matter the passing…those who depart are safe in the arms of the Lord…and those who have passed by water…a symbolic purpose may have happened and we are all too busy in our lives to recognize some of God's signs. Those who are developmentally challenged and those who have cognitive disabilities are almost always drawn to water when they wander away from "safety."

There has to be a reason. I'd like to think that Ari's passing was not one of horror or fear for him…but one in which God's angels called for him and he followed.  My prayers, always.

Please pray for Sara Huizenga , her other children, husband and family. They truly need our prayers.

Cynthia Caron
LostNMissing, Inc.
NamUs-Victim Advocate (NH)

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  1. I don't know Sara, but know of her work and am so thankful for what she does for families like mine, those with a missing loved one.

    Prayer for her and her family.

  2. This is truly heart breaking... especially when we will never know the" why" of it. Is it God's wisdom at the expense of our human pain? I don't know. As survivors of crime and advocates we learn to ALWAYS question as a means to get things get closer to justice. But, there is no justice in accidental death. Whether at the age of two or 92, our time to pass over is predetermined in some way.The only way to heal from this is to carry on and create some meaningful event or organization or observation in Ari's name. He lives on in everyone's heart!

    Donna R.Gore

  3. I just read this now - actually when I most needed to hear this. Thank you for this beautiful insight that has so calmed my breaking and beaten without my boy Ari heart. He is always present tense to me + and my future too - together forever in Heaven to come. Thank you so much again for caring about me and helping insure that our sweet little man Ari Orange always matters - both in Heaven as well as here on earth. xoxo

  4. You put this together so well to help all of us go on, now that the Good Lord called Ari and Harlie home, both by water. The more I read the more sense it made. Prayers continue for Sara and also for Harlie's Mom, Joy. Ari and Harlie will always matter- it was just their time to Go Home.


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