Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intuitive Messages Aren't Always About Good Things

by Jillian Maas Backman

Over the years I have taught myself to trust and cherish my spiritual intuitive nature. It has allowed me the ability to open doors to indescribable experiences that have enriched my journey three fold. This great abundance didn’t happen overnight. I had to invest dozens of years fine tuning this craft by studying the internal connection between myself and the universe at large.

My intuitive sense is a blessing and an innate tool I use to formulate consistent success. However, once I adapted this artful living, struggles began to pop up. I was learning first- hand the flip-side to living this awakened lifestyle choice.

I make a concerted effort in my life to stay positive as much as possible. Surround myself with people who love to grow, manifest change and avoid negativity. This includes people and circumstances in my intuitive world as well. When I first began embracing this talent I naively thought at some level I could control all the messages coming my way. I was in charge of picking and choosing the intuitive information being received from the universe. Act on the ones I liked and simply discard the rest that required hard work. The kind of choices that cause discomfort upfront but have enormous rewards in the end.

How naive and intuitive youthful I was back in those days. Thinking I could avoid any negative messages that might complicate my decisions. Talking myself into believing certain messages did not pertain to me and pretend they never existed. I have since come to understand the error of my own ways. Planet earth works on well-defined polarities, night and day, good and evil, light follows darkness. Why in the world did I ever entertain the idea that the universe could hold back half the story is beyond me? A movie script without a plot, no friction or challenge to overcome and no heroes to save the day. How can problems be resolved if I only chose to grab hold of the “fluffy intuitive stuff” and not accept an intuitive message in its entirety. I had to surrender to the fact one needs to receive all intuitive insights, the good and the ugly in order to create sound solutions.

My work is based on self-improvement of the individual. I am a firm believer in the trickle-down theory of wellness. Healing oneself will ultimately help heal the planet. There have been times in the past when I receive intuitive insights meant for a larger audience other than just my clientele. When this occurs there are several criteria that must be met before I share with the world. The messages must contain work that can be done by all individuals and possibly create lasting changes on a global scale. When the answers to these questions are a resounding YES! I jump in. For example, the blog piece I wrote last year on the bully crisis happening throughout our local communities. There were intuitive insights that needed to be shared and could lend a helping hand in eradicating such indignant behavior toward our fellow human beings.

As in the sad loss of the child I wrote about in that blog post, I must once again reference the latest loss of a child I cannot intuitively ignore. The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida several weeks ago. The minute I heard about it my gut went crazy, doubling over with grief and pain. Stopped me in my tracks and demanded my full awareness. Kicking my senses into overdrive with internal raw truthful messages from all directions. The kind of messages I have painstaking avoided in the past because they lay heavy on my heart and hard to receive. To a certain extent, completely out of my control. My knee jerk reaction was to retreat and spiritually shut everything down pronto. Turn an intuitive blind eye to my internal body cues-But my gut won’t let me!

Intuitive warning signs are evident everywhere I turn. Red flags flying sky high signaling more drastic events to come if we refuse to pay attention to this event in front of us right now. As much as I would love to tell each and every one of you to avoid this situation and turn a blind eye with me to the story, I cannot do that without a guilty conscious. I have to fulfill my part of a spiritual intuitive bargain set forth long ago.

The episode unfolding in Florida is pulling us all back in time and forcing us to take an unobstructed view of unresolved issues. This is completely normal and understandable. We revert back to what we know best, our past. Past experiences, past knowledge and in this case, past open wounds. We do have centuries of unfinished lessons and energetic residual relationship pains that haunt us today. Lessons we must re-visit before officially closing this historic chapter. Asking and invoking energetic forgiveness to ancestors on all sides and honor the great strides they endured. Hard lessons assimilated through bouts of horrific human generational experiences. All leading up to a crescendo of celebrating differences and catapulting that energy into communal strengths. We must always hold heavenly reverence those individuals who stood proudly in front to guide us through the first phase of cooperative relations. We stand in the midst of the next elevated phase of cooperative relationships with new lessons to be learned. Lessons most of us are willing, able and ready to examine again if need be to secure our hopes towards a peaceful existence.

Hateful words are being thrown around from both sides and stirring up my intuitive nervousness. Each one of us has the right to our opinions, but collectively it can be distorted. There is great passion on both sides of this sad sad event. My fear at this point is we may all be sitting on top of a ticking time bomb ready to explode any minute. Someone is going to say something inappropriate and trigger an unnecessary unstoppable tidal wave of hate crimes across this country.

Please, I implore each one of you to attempt to keep the physical actions in check. Watch the verbiage that comes out of your mouth. As we know from past experiences words cut just as deep into human flesh as a knife itself. I am not asking anyone to turn away from this issue. I am only asking that we stand strong and unite on keeping our senses in line with what is appropriate. Sure, there are some among the crowds that want us to lose our tempers and reacted violently. They want us to go down the sick road we have already traversed. We do not have to repeat our historic lessons in the same way as before. We are better than that. Many of us hold within our hearts the Utopian vision of a new world order. What better time than now with this situation to foster those thoughts.

This vision begins with restoring trust. Another child has lost his life over our mistrust for each other. We have lost our forefathers trust for one another. When trust is lost in any relationship it takes time to re-build from the bottom up. It is not going to be easy and we cannot revert backwards. It is simply unacceptable if we what to thrive futuristically. We must keep our sights looking forward during this awkward time of vulnerability we sense from another and repair our lost sense of trust among groups different than ourselves.

I am optimistic about learning our social relationship lessons. America looks more diverse than it did back in the day, but the souls remained the same. It may not show on the surface but we have been growing expectationally in this area. In the past there were no books or “how to” therapies on connecting with our “authentic selves.” Moving away from notions of personal victimization into the realm of individual empowerment by asking the powerful question of who am I? Not afraid to claim personal strengths and weaknesses and welcome revolutionary new thoughts and actions. Denounce violence and believe whole-heartily in using honest communication to restore harmony. What hidden messages are we missing from the past that might shed light on solutions for the future? What lessons are we overlooking that need to be addressed now? What new and innovative relationship therapies can we apply here that can shift all of us to a more positive healing outcome.

We all want to see justice come for this family and the memory of this child. But, I implore each one of you this time to push beyond physical closure. Ask this in the name of all families in similar tragedies. Pray that we stay on target with the lessons and resolve our differences. Grant each one of us the courage to enact these lessons in our own homes, communities so the next generation can be proud of work we accomplished together.

Bring forth leaders that can speak of healing rather than separating the masses. Deliver rhetoric of hope that fuels our intuitive eternal optimism. Let these words embody the energy of love and carry them deep within souls and dissolve the most impenetrable shields of bigotry like never before and close this lesson forever.

In intuitive justice,

Jillian Maas Backman

Jillian Maas Backman, Author, Beyond The Pews, Breaking With Traditions and Letting Go Religious Lockdown and host of the radio show, CHANGE ALREADY! Your Future, Your Choice!  

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  1. Hi Jillian! Your narratives are always thought provoking to me... I realize how I need to be more in touch with the intuitive side..and it may be a bit scary, but I have faced far worse!
    I purposefully have not digested the details of the Florida story, trying to do my greater good in my own way...and desperately hoping that we do not revert back to a time when vigilantism. I know for sure we cannot shield ourselves from negative messages. I prefer to turn them around and make a positive whenever possible!
    Thanks for your insights on the world!

    Donna "Ladyjustice"


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