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WHO PROTECTS THOSE WHO SERVE US? The mysterious Non-Combat Death of

by Cherry Simpson
My father and nephew served in the Airforce, my brother in the Army, my cousin in the Marine's. I have worried and prayed for their safe return home, and have been proud of them and thankful for their service. But I never once thought about "non-combat deaths." Not until I learned of Patrick Rust mysterious death in 2007 and his mother's search for answer's.

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emembered watching a movie called "In the Valley of Elah" a fictional account of the 2003 murder of Specialist Richard Davis after his return home, by four men in his own unit. Davis served with the 3rd Infantry Division in the opening days of the Iraq War. Tommy Lee Jones character is based on Lanny Davis, Richard's father. The movie is well done but there are many differences between the real story and the movie. There's also a book called Murder in Baker Company: How Four American Soldiers Killed One of Their Own by Cilla McCain.

Patrick Rust's and Richard Davis' deaths are called Non-Combat Deaths and are to be investigated according to Laws and Directives which came about after many bereaved family members sought changes in the way non-combat deaths were not being investigated. The Home of the Brave website gives families knowledge and support in finding answers. Their mission states "supporting the troops" does not mean turning a blind eye to the problem of what amounts to murder in the military.

Lanny and Remy Davis (parents of Richard Davis) set up the The Richard Thomas Davis Foundation For Peace, Inc. in honor of their son. It works as an outreach program to help all military families whose son or daughter have made it home from the war only to turn up missing or murdered. At the present, military red tape makes it almost impossible for these families to get the help they desperately need.

There's one scene in the movie which reminds me of both Patrick and Richard. They both were first reported AWOL and then both found dead after returning from active duty. Both have parents who have had a hard time seeking justice for their sons.

SGT Patrick S. Rust was an honorable brave young man who sacrificed much for our country. His mother didn't have a chance to have him back, nor to grieve over her son's dead body. This has all been stolen from her.

CrimeWire July 3, 2010 Patrick Rust Case

CrimeWire Nov 23, 2010 Patrick Rust Case Update

Tthe first time I heard Patrick's mother Judith Rust on the Blog Talk
Radio Show called "Crime Wire". My heart broke for her. I offered to make a website PatrickRust.com and a Facebook Fan page in hopes some answers maybe be found and with the hope his case not be forgotten.

There is even a Psychic Front summarized - complete with photos of an abandoned building where Patrick may have lost his life. Some officials have said privately they believe Patrick was murdered - from the Watertown Daily Times "Soldier's death still puzzling" but there have been no arrests.

I hope you'll take the time to look at the collection of documents, photos, video and timeline. You'll find this to be a very interesting and troubling case. Patrick's case is like many of the other "Non-combat deaths" which often go unsolved.

Won't you help us in looking for who maybe responsible for Patrick's death. He served his country and protected us, please help Patrick get the respect he deserves for his service to us and his country. Who will protect those who serve us?

The following is written by Dennis Griffin and Bill Sullivan from the home page of www.PatrickRust.com

Sgt. Patrick S. Rust was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division headquartered at Fort Drum, New York. He picked up a rifle and defended our way of life against the terrorists who want to destroy it. He was our soldier, his mom and dad's son, our friend and neighbor, central New York's very own defender. He survived deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, only to die mysteriously right here in his own country, not far from where he was born.

Patrick went missing from a bar - ironically named Clueless - in Watertown, New York on March 16, 2007. Six months later his remains were found in a farmer's field over seven miles from the bar and the apartment he was staying at in Watertown. It is unknown how he got to that location. He didn't have a car and it's doubtful he'd have walked there on a cold March night. He wasn't robbed and his remains showed no trauma. His cause and manner of death remains undetermined.

So what happened to Patrick Rust, our soldier, our son, our friend and neighbor? Did you see him that night? Do you know where he went after leaving the Clueless and who with? Do you know how he got to that farmer's field? Do you know somebody who does know?

Please central New Yorkers, help us find out what happened to Patrick. He went to battle for us. Now we need to explain to his family how he died. They deserve answers. Don't we owe them that much?

Bill Sullivan, Forensic Consulting Specialties
Denny Griffin, Investigator

TIPLINE (315) 629-9340 or write us anonymously at P.O. Box 55, Hailesboro, NY 13645

Poster to download or print: Click Here

Please join the Facebook Fan Page SGT Patrick Rust's Mysterious Death

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