Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where is Haleigh Cummings? Tommy Croslin is Key to Cracking Case!

 By Sheryl McCollum

With all the theories surrounding the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings – not one involves a stranger!  They all involve the same principle players: Misty Crosling, Tommy Croslin, Joe Overstreet and Ronald Cummings.

Listen to the 911 tape.  The father is NOT out looking for his child.  He makes threats, cusses at the operator, and calls Misty a bitch.  There is no doubt in his mind the child has been taken. 

Misty, during this call, can not provide a date of birth, the child's weight nor details of what happened.  She can however describe the “brick” perfectly. 

There is a van that was “moved” and had a “scratch” all the way down the side.  Every one of the players had access to the van.  They have all driven it and it would have evidence in it. 

Tommy Croslin is Misty’s brother.  He provides no information to police about Haleigh’s disappearance.  He is arrested on a matter not related to Haliegh. Suddenly, he remembers going over to the house the night she went missing.  He states he knocks on the door and no one answers.  People: he places himself at the crime scene!

Then Misty and Ronald marry.  They get separate lawyers.  Misty fails a polygraph.  Ronald is arrested for assault against Tommy.  Misty gets a TPO against Tommy.  Misty and Ronald divorce.  Misty is robbed while buying drugs.  Take time to listen to that 911 call.  She is frantic and scared.  She sounds very different than the 911 call involving Haleigh. 

Then all three, Tommy, Misty and Ronald are arrested selling and trafficking drugs!  They are working together.  Some say that Ronald only did the drug sales to stay close to Misty.  Marrying her was not close enough?  He is working undercover on his own child’s murder by selling drugs with the top suspect? They have been in jail since January on multiple charges stemming from the drug bust.

They are searching water where Tommy is known to dump deer carcass.  They took Misty to the dock where she pointed and showed law enforcement the area.  Tommy was in the police car waiting for her.  Tommy is the common factor in every situation. 

Tommy talked first. Tommy will talk again.  Time is on the side of justice.  He is the key to the truth.

Sheryl McCollum, MS
Cold Case Investigative Research Institute 
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  1. The effort to get NASA to assist police and find the missing has been getting some attention.

    CLICK On MY 'Find the Missing' above this post to be taken to the website which explains all...

    NASA's affilaite the U.S. Militray has the technology to take high resolution real time and archive photos AND VIDEOS and transmit them to a CENTRAL POINT TO BE VEIWED BY AND monitored and assessed.

    This technology can and should be adapted to be used by Police and Border Agents to Find Missing Children, Women and Men, and PROTECT OUR BORDERS.

    They have had this technology since the 1960's and we as taxpayers have paid for it. In those 50 years it can be assumed that they perfected it to amazing capabilites...

    The system could be access by one or two officers police and when called into action can dispatch units to the scenes of crimes within minutes and guide them to where the Suspects went and are at the present time.... Saving Lives and A big part of the 10 Billion spent on searches for the missing each year

    Nancy AND Jane Sit on TV and cry "We Must DO SOMETHING" yet they gave been presented with this info and have patently refused to even give it a mention and allow their viewers the freedom to decide to back it or not.... They are Not presenting ALL the alternatives...

    I have never heard one of them even offer any type of workable solution except for Jane to Babble "We should put cmaeras on EVERY street" My system is really much more effective and cost effective

    How many cases have their shows solved.... None... Rating Do Rule........


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