Friday, September 30, 2011

Caylee’s Law is not a great idea?

By Cynthia Caron

Caylee’s Law is not a great idea?

An article caught my attention this morning by a reporter, who wrote “Caylee’s Law not a great idea” by Sue Carlton , a columnist for the St. Petersburg Times.

A poster named Maril pointed out the case of Baby Grace, who was never reported missing by her mother (since convicted) also known as Riley Ann Sawyers and Zahra Baker.

Riyla Wilson was also not reported missing. Her foster parents killed her. What about Adam Herrman who was not reported missing for a decade? What about sweet Gerren Joseph Isgrigg, a special needs child left to die in the park and not reported by his grandmother as missing? (convicted) Or a similar case in which a beautiful healthy child, Camden Pierce Hughes left on a roadside in Maine and not reported missing by his mother? (arrested) He took the hearts of many across the country as the “unidentified deceased child” photograph was posted on the internet. His mother is alleged to have suffocated him and left him, who also did not report him missing. Had days and months gone by before his remains were located his mother, from Texas, could have literally gotten away with his death…possibly even clues could have been gone and she too could have claimed he was “abducted” and she was searching “on her own” for him…just as Casey Anthony told the courts. Caylee’s Law, if enacted, and if this scenario occurred.. would have been enough to imprison her until the case solved. As for Camden his case did not go on for years and was solved timely and his mother arrested. But for those who have not…yes, Caylee’s Law is one to support.

Many children are deceased and unidentified in morgues across the country, also more than likely murdered by a parent, or parents who did not report them missing. We have 3 unidentified deceased children in NH and a mother, unidentified deceased, (parent to at least two of the three children) that has yet to be solved. I can assure you whomever murdered them did not report them missing. Recently on Long Island, Gilgo Beach, a young child around 18 months...little girl...also unidentified deceased, was more than likely not reported missing by an abusive husband or boyfriend. Remains of her mother, also unidentified, were located the same. I suggested that Sue, the columnist, check out and research the unidentified deceased children. How many of those were true abductions? I'm pretty confident the majority were killed and dumped by someone that knew them and as horrid as it may be...more than probably by a family member...perhaps who never reported them missing.

Parents who are unaware their child is missing and go beyond the 12 hours before reporting are not going to be held responsible for "hiding the fact their child is missing." Caylee’s Law is for those that do not report a missing child timely because they are guilty of having knowledge as to what happened to the child.

I say error on the side of caution. While Sue brings up valid points, such as this law will stop anyone from committing heinous crimes against children, but I do believe it will help imprison those who invariably do report their child missing days, or hours, after the fact. Perhaps the use of Caylee’s Law will help solve and bring home missing children to the families left behind who are grieving for them.

As we all know, there are so many young women who bring bad boyfriends into the household that I cannot begin to list all those cases in which the child was killed and they "the boyfriend and/or the mother and boyfriend" plot for a number of hours on how they are going to cover up the crime. This bill would fit them, as well. Both. Toss them both in jail under Caylee's Law and you can be assured one of them will break down and start talking.

Caylee's Law gives law enforcement and the legal community the right to convict on this charge while investigating and hoping to locate the missing child. Even though more than likely the child is sadly…deceased.

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  1. Very thoughtful post Cynthia! Although Caylee's Law is well intended... it may be too little too late for so many. And, as you say, abusers and relatives caring for those who are disabled and "dump" children is something no one can fathom... even those of us with disabilities.
    Such a law requires those involved or observers to be responsible, to have a conscience to report the offender of this new law. As we know, often times others do not want to become involved or don't put the pieces together until it's too late... or are intimately involved and just want to be rid of their problem, "like trash." If we didn't have such a fast paced society with neighbors not knowing their neighbors and seemingly oblivious to all but their own concerns, things might be different!
    Speaking of "Trash," I'd be honored if you all would take the time to read my latest blog... It is unique... a selection of cases featuring those people who are murdered and literally dumped as trash.

    Keep yo the fight.. Keep the faith for others!

    Donna - "Ladyjustice"

  2. Right on Donna and kudos to the article. You should be held responsible for protection of the child god has entrusted you with. I can agree with arguments against it, but really why would anyone not support this law?


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