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Who Murdered Lacey Gaines?

Who Murdered Lacey Gaines
By Cherry Gaines Simpson

This is my beloved niece Lacey Gaines. She was murdered just 6 days after her 20th birthday on Dec 7, 2009. She was strangled with a cord and her throat was cut with a 10” kitchen knife. No forced entry, no robbery, no sexual assault, no defensive wounds. Her murder left her infant son with out a mother and her family in possible danger. Lacey has left us happy memories of her past, but there will never be any more joyful moments, nor hope and promise of a future.

She was not murdered for money, nor for sex, or passion, but in cold blood, calculated and premeditation the act of a killing machine - carrying out murder against someone's mother and family.

The police haven't been able to solve her case yet. They say they have a very strong suspect, someone she definitely knew. They say he had the opportunity and means but not yet enough evidence to convince a jury of guilt. You see they cannot convict merely on means, motive and opportunity, but must provide convincing proof of means used, and opportunity actually acted upon by the defendant(s) charged.

The secret to solving murder is in determining three things, the 'Holy Trinity' of detection: Means, motive and opportunity.

Means is the easiest of the three to determine. By 'means', I mean how the murder was carried out and usually an examination of the body will tell you this. According to the First Responders Report Lacey was strangled and stabbed.

How was it accomplished? Lacey was a fighter this was known to all who knew her but to a stranger she would appear to be shy and reserved. Why then no defensive wounds? Was she drugged or possibly surprised. This would mean premeditation. Was there more than one person? Did someone plan Lacey's murder and then carried it out carefully. Or was someone hired to kill her?

What tools were used and where did they come from? An extension cord and kitchen knife from Lacey's own home.

Why the overstatement of death by stranglation and stabbing (throat slashed). To be certain the job was complete? No question she was found dead, in her home, fully clothed, no forced entry, no defensive wounds, no theft or sexual assault.

Opportunity also means being in the right place and time to commit the murder. We know where and when the dirty deed was committed. You can eliminate anyone with an alibi. Unless, of course, it was a hired hit.

Motive' answers the 'why' question. Why was Lacey killed?

Motive can be both the easiest and hardest of the Holy Trinity to solve. Sometimes there are lots of people with a good motive to kill, and sometimes it can be hard to find anyone with any kind of motive at all.

So, the first thing you should ask is 'Who benefits?' Look very carefully. Who has the most to gain from the Lacey's death? And if it's not immediately obvious, then you’re going to have to talk to everyone.

Lacey was a treasured daughter, a close sister, a tender mother, an unforgetable niece, a generous cousin, and a forever friend. She was unique, full of life and laughter, she had a spirit which could not be broken, it was a light she let shine brightly. She still shines ever brighter in our hearts and in Heaven.

Don't be afraid to ask everyone you know ... Who do you think killed Lacey? Someone will have a clue as to the identity of the murderer, but without asking absolutely everyone, you might never know. Remember Lacey was a fighter and she is on the winning team. I want Lacey's cowardly murderer to know - you have not won. God keeps His promises.

"In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Lacey's confirmation verse. Psalm 56:11

What can you do to help? Visit with links to TIPLINE, updates, stories, a REWARD and please Sign the Petition seeking Justice for Lacey. Join one of her many Facebook pages; Help Find Lacey Gaines' Murderer page has more then 1000 fans. The number of those looking for her killer(s) is GROWING.

Lacey is not forgotten and neither are her killer(s).


  1. I watched one of the Forensic Files show on TV. In one of the shows, they featured a murder in an apartment of this guy and there was no forced entry. However, what they found out was that in the apartment, in one of the closets, there was an opening in the ceiling. When they investigated, opened up the ceiling door, there was a crawl space that led to another unit in the same apartment complex. Upon further investigation, they did find the killer (due to forensic testing) who lives in the other unit. So, in Lacey's case, have they investigated any signs of opening in any closet ceiling or floor that could lead to another apartment unit? Just a thought. I hope they find her killer.

  2. Original link to story about my niece Lacey Gaines by David Lohr.

    Mr. Lohr is one of the most prominent and prolific crime writers of the 21st century.

  3. The Dr Lori Roth Show with Susan Murphy Milano discuss "Who Murdered Lacey Gaines" including a mysterious letter received telling who may have murdered Lacey Gaines. With special guest Lacey's Aunt Cherry.

  4. The Dr Lori Roth Show - Susan Murphy Milano discusses a mysterious letter received telling who may have murdered Lacey Gaines with Lacey's Aunt Cherry.
    Listen Here

    Comments from a friend after the Dr Lori Roth Show with Susan Murphy-Milano:
    Read Comments Here

  5. Mystery Remains - Who Killed Lacey Gaines
    by Simon Barrett

  6. Jon Leiberman True Facts Radio Show March 2, 2011 Thurs at 7pm Show Link

    Please listen to show and lt me know if you have any ideas or revelations. Special guest is Lacey's Aunt Cherry.

    People come forward every time we do a show. Time's Up has been very helpful. I greatly appreciate it!

  7. Many tips have come in since the Radio Link radio show of 2/1/2011 - there is also a forum there.

    You can also find discussions on TheHinkeymeter, Mndhunter, SupportforHomicideSurvivors, Scaredmonkeys, TruTV and Websleuths as well as here. There have been several tips which have come in. Many question the friendship between Lacey's manager who lied on her resume and to the reporter James Pluta. They feel he may know more than what he is saying.

    I have also heard some speculation on the new boyfriend, also an illegal alien. Lacey had told her family she desired to return home as he was not who she thought he was. It was rumored he had a double life and a child with a younger niece. Lacey definitely wanted out of this apt complex.

    In fact if you look at the Yahoo comments on the Sunset Apts you will see it is stated a maintenance man killed Lacey. If you scroll down there is a comment from a LaceyAnita saying she wanted out. The photo which now appears next to that post wasn't there originall

    The letter speaks about the Apts and the management. Wes Clark made several observations on the letter and the comment made at the forum.

    From Wes Clark of LIES The letter you were referring to, was that about the apartments written by "anonymous" on 9/19/2009? What I found interesting with that was the writer complained about the lack of security, drugs, gangs, constant break ins, and added, " one else but the maintenance they have keys to everything and every door in the building..." I thought it was interesting that the writer felt the need to add that. They mentioned break ins but then the fact maintenance has keys? Why? I thought that was odd and if it was written by the suspect, it could indicate a plan or preparation to the commit the murder and to leave a bogus suspect trail to divert the investigation. No force was used for the "break-in" at the murder scene, right? Also, this was written in mid September...I think I read that in September the baby's father also stopped pursuing the parentage through the courts? If that's the case the timing is interesting and maybe he decided to pursue another path to eliminate his problem? Of course, I have just read some things online and not the case reports, evidence, interviews etc, so this is only a guess on my part and just another avenue to pursue. It looks like the letter was typed on a message board of some sort, so the computer forensics should be able to be traced if they get a search warrant (or consent) for a suspects computer.

  8. Holder: We must fix gaps that let fugitives live free abroad
    Durbin says attorney general is committed to reform of problems exposed by Tribune series
    Durbin says attorney general is committed to reform of problems exposed by Tribune series
    I believe this may have happened in Lacey's case.

    Lacey Claire Gaines Murder Case #09-06670 Justice, IL was murdered in 2009, strangled and stabbed. I was told one of the suspects fled to Mexico and they are not prosecuting. She left a 2 yr old son.

    Lacey's case was featured in the SHS Linkt website and newsletter last year. It'll be two years this Dec.

    Chicago Breaking News - 12/09/09

    The slaying of a 20-year-old woman who was found strangled and stabbed inside her south suburban Justice apartment appears to be an isolated incident, Justice Police Chief Bob Gedville said today.

    The incident does not appear to be a robbery or a burglary, the chief said, and police are investigating whether the woman killed, Lacey Gaines, knew her killer. Gaines, of the first block of Hickory Trace Drive, was single, Gedville said.

    About 7 p.m. Monday police responded to a call for an unresponsive female covered in blood and found Gaines, Gedville said. She was pronounced dead at 7:19 p.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, and her death was ruled a homicide by the Cook County medical examiner's office. She died of strangulation and multiple stab wounds, the office ruled.
    {complete case coverage below}

    Police have been conducting several interviews but do not plan to file charges in the immediate future, Gedville said. No suspects are in custody, he said.

    Death of 20-year-old Justice woman ruled a homicide

    John Brassil (New Illinois) Chief, Criminal Prosecutions Bureau Office of the Cook County State's Attorney (took over for Fabio Valentini Supervisor, Felony Review Unit , Office Of The Cook County State's Attorney)

    Justice Police Department 7800 S Archer Rd, Justice, IL 60458 Ph: 708 458-2191 Lead Det R Plotke Det Joe Malloy 708-458-2194 Det Jim Davis 312-603-3980

  9. New post on Cold No More
    Did Domestic Violence Play a Role in Lacey Gaines’ Murder
    by holliston2012 | January 12, 2012 at 7:19 pm
    Lacey Gaines was murdered on December 7, 2009 in her rundown apartment in Justice, Illinois. While speculation has run rampant about who did it, there are still no suspects. She did have a child with a boyfriend who she later told people physically beat her. Daniel Rogelio Sanchez, Lacey told friends, co-workers, family and social [...]

    Read more of this post

  10. America's Secret ICE Castles

    "If you don't have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he's illegal, we can make him disappear." Those chilling words were spoken by James Pendergraph, then executive director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Office of State and Local Coordination, at a conference of police and sheriffs in August 2008.

    This maybe what happened in Lacey’s case. The police said they had a very good suspect. Just not enough evidence to prosecute.

  11. Police chief fired in Chicago suburb of Justice

    JUSTICE, Ill. (AP) -- A suburban Chicago police chief has been fired over allegations he failed to properly discipline an officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a patrol car.

    Robert Gedville's dismissal is also linked to a consulting arrangement he had with a red-light camera vendor.

    Justice police chief fired

    DOD 12/7/09 Lacey Claire Gaines Murder Case #09-06670 Justice, IL
    Read #9 at Mystery Letter: Justice Police will Never Find Lacey Gaines Killer
    Link to letter then this case Forced Sex With a Cop, Woman Says
    Justice, IL Officer Carmen Scardine sexually assaulted woman waiting for cab at Justice Apt's - was this same apt as the one Lacey worked or lived at? Case against Justice, IL Police Officer Carmen Scardine Case link

    Did Justice, IL Police Officer Carmen Scardine work as security guard (off-duty policeman) checkout #9?


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