Friday, October 29, 2010

Murder in Progress: Elizabeth New Jersey

[In the town of Elizabeth New Jersey, a murder is being planned, in progress, by a commissioned police officer as I write this post.]

The officer and his wife have been married for more than a dozen years. The couple has 2 children. Yesterday, she had her husband served with divorce papers after years of having a gun pulled and cocked to her head, numerous rapes, and terroristic tactics to keep her a victim and not call police for help. “I’ve had enough” she said. “My husband is not going to get away with it.”

This officer has not acted alone, receiving assistance from his fellow tin shield cowards in uniform as they assist this bozo with a badge. To add fuel to this already deadly flame, the officer’s brother is a high ranking Lieutenant, his supervisor in the same department.

Similar to Kathleen Savio , wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson,( who is awaiting trial for her murder) found dead on March 1, 2004, in a dry bathtub, Savio was also silenced with the assistance of fellow officers with the same pattern of conduct taking place in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

During the months leading up to the discovery of Kathleen's corpse, officers routinely sat in their squad cars in front of her house, drinking coffee -- the ultimate 'screw you' for thousands of police officers' wives whose cries for help fall on deaf ears. In March 2002, Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio filed for divorce. On March 11, 2002, Kathleen secured a temporary emergency order of protection. In an unusual move before the divorce was finalized, Kathleen also signed a power of attorney so Drew could buy a home just down the street with his then-underage new love interest. Victims of violence always wish their aggressive, abusive partners would move on to someone else. Kathleen’s strategy was brilliant. She got out of her own way; however humiliating at the time, she disarmed Peterson by waiving her rights to the property as a marital asset. Kathleen knew firsthand the danger she faced from Drew, a police officer and abusive husband, if she refused to sign the document. She signed it only out of pure fear.

When all her attempts failed to get help from the police -- those whose job it is to serve and protect -- Kathleen Savio wrote letters to then-Will County Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth Fragale documenting Peterson’s alleged abuse. They included claims that in July 2002, Peterson held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. But Savio was only further victimized when the state attorney’s office dropped the ball. Prosecutors should have filed separate felony stalking charges for threatening phone calls from Peterson and for each time he stalked her. They didn't -- not even when the court issued the emergency order of protection against him.

Sending the letters was a courageous move not only by a victim but by a police officer's wife. These letters, written and signed by Kathleen, would not see the light of day until a parade of media swarmed down on the home at Pheasant Chase Drive until after news broke that Stacy Peterson, his fourth wife, had vanished

The Elizabeth, New Jersey's officers wife has also written letters to Attorney General Eric Holder; Newark Attorney General’s office; Office of the Director of the Elizabeth Police James Cosgrove; Chief of Police Ronald Simon; Union County prosecutor’s office; Sen. Frank Lautenberg; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; and the Mayor of Elizabeth. The letters were sent on September 22, 2010, detailing the times, dates and details of the horrific violence. The only person whom responded so far is the Mayor who contacted the officer’s wife earlier this week.

Here is a brief overview of it, in her own words, what she has experienced: a Police Officer from the Elizabeth Police Dept., in Elizabeth, NJ. I had my husband arrested 8/12/2010, and was granted a Temporary Restraining Order of Protection. Which was later dropped because the night before going to court; I was threatened by a private caller to drop all charges. I was intimated and scared and never showed up. The Temporary Restraining Order was dropped.

On 8/19/2010 incident of dropping TRO, this gave my husband the opportunity to harass me with phone calls, and threatening texts. I t would start out just being friendly to escalating to vivacious threats of harming me. I tried to ignore them, causing me emotional distress and fear. I fear him, because after many years of mental and physical abuse from him, I know this anger and rage....I know he is going to come after me or what’s most important in my life "My Daughters". This man suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, which I would have the dept. have him evaluated psychologically.

On September 20- 22, 2010, my husband decided it was a day to harass me with over 50 calls to my home and texting. I sent a email to his Internal Affairs office stating to please advice the officer to leave me alone... this was ignored by the Captain. Nothing was done, because he continued until September 28, 2010. I had to go to Ocean County Court and get another TRO. Which was granted, and he obeyed the TRO... I have a concern with his internal affairs dept. they are conducting a investigation, in which to me seems fictional. I understand that the code of blue is a brotherhood to protect each other. Well in these cases there should be protection for the victim not the Police Officer. We are not trained in the law or how to inflect bodily harm, nor do we carry guns and badges. We have no power or authority to manipulate the justice system.

I could continue but you get the idea. The Elizabeth New Jersey’s officer wife currently has a civil restrain order, which means nothing for her safety and life.

As she say’s “ It’s just a piece of paper, telling him to obey. But it gives me no protection from Police Dept. should he violate the civil order.” I And every physical abuse after my beating, he would throw the phone at me, and “ Go ahead bitch call the police” and laugh.

“I don’t want to be the next victim I want to be safe and alive for my daughters.”

I currently am in the possession of information and documents that I will not hesitate releasing, including names and badge numbers should another incident or threat to harm this officers wife from Elizabeth, New Jersey, take place from this point going forward.

I should mention before I receive correspondence from those angry officers who attempt to post anonomously or send me emails laced with threats, that I was the daughter of a decorated Chicago violent crimes detective. I am an expert in the area of officer related intimate violence and homicide. My career began in 1989 when my mother was murdered by my father.

Gentlemen, I have no problem coming to Elizabeth, New Jersey as I did recently in Garvin County, OKlahoma, with an army of media and others if the powers in place, fail to immediately stop this murder in progress.

(Susan Murphy Milano, is with the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Psychopathy Education for more information visit and is the author of the new book "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships available for purchase at the Institute, and where ever books are sold. And she is the host of Time's Up on and she is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated show with Dr. Laurie Roth on

Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit by Susan Murphy Milano from the Book "Time's Up" from Courage Network on Vimeo.


  1. You go girl, clearly you are a force to be reckoned with... Your mother must be very proud of you and I am sure she smiles down on you everyday!

  2. It is a shame the very ones who are supposed to protect us are the ones some of us fear the most.

  3. I'm so proud of you and God is Good, move forward and scream to the world about your situation it is time to stop this sickness of Domestic Violence.What ever i can do to help please let me know and together we will reach to the world to overcome this sickness that is hurting others each and everyday. "Through Tara Eyes"

  4. We're all rooting for her and here for support...keep us posted

  5. I FULLY support her in her fight for protection for herself and her daughters and ultimitely for JUSTICE.She represents the sisterhood of allof us wives of officers who have endured the abuse too long and stood up for ourselves and our families.This NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!.NO ONE should EVER be thwarted from seeking and gaining protection from an abusive spouse who is a police officer.We must no longer suffer in silence and fear.It is time to put a stop to this epedemic in the United States.No officer is above the law and we police officer's wives have the right to be protected as ANY American citizen.You go...continue your fight..YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!God Bless YOU. Donna M. Turkos

  6. I am so proud of you. It is time for ACCOUNTABLITY. It is time for our Justice System to stop ignoring us. We deserve Justice and we deserve to be protected. I stand with you my sister. You are not alone.

    God bless you,

    Rosaura Torres

  7. What is wrong with our country? Cowards and criminals are put into positions of power to hide behind that badge that is suppose to be meant to SERVE AND PROTECT!! So who is suppose to serve and protect the innocent victims of domestic violence when their partner is the one behind the badge! This woman is this story is the hero she is one brave lady.

  8. It is a disgrace to honorable law enforcement that there is such evil filtered in amongst them and shame on the police force in Elizabeth, New Jersey for not stepping up and protecting this woman as they took an oath to do!..Thank you Susan for the work you are doing in exposing them!..I support you and stand by you and salute you as the granddaughter of a former Chief of Police in Newark, New Jersey and as the Founder of a DV Awareness organization!..It is the work by you and many of our peers that give us the hope and courage and strength to continue fighting for women everywhere!..
    Leah Davis
    Founder / Director
    Domestic Abuse Awareness Network

  9. This woman lives in fear, the perfect family to the outside world, but once behind closed doors it was far from perfect. This police officer tortured his family, with the reasoning that his wife would never leave him. This man needs to experience the torture he put his family though. She has finally found help, and this officer I hope will be held accountable for his actions. I also hope that this story and her bravery will be an example for others in this situation. For those police officers that feel the need to beat something, go use a punching bag, be a man not a coward.
    You know you have many people standing behind you. I applaud your courage to stand up for yourself and your children. You are truly a role model..

  10. I wish I was brave enough to get some women together with fake blood and put it all over our bodies and have us lay in front of the major police stations with notes that said "SEE I TOLD YOU HE WOULD DO IT" .And dont forget to let the press know. PICTURES!!!! MY SISTER WAS JUST KILLED BY HER POLICE HUSBAND IN CHICAGO, MY HEART HURTS FOR ALL THESE LADIES

  11. well get brave i would do it for you my friend...this is my life story. my abuser needs to be accountable for his crimes against me.

  12. If the powers that be are truly committed to peace, justice, and the preservation of life, they should respond swiftly and in a way that sets a precedent for how future officer-involved domestic violence cases are treated. A nation is watching.

    This should also be considered an officer safety issue. If this escalates, this man could be a danger to officers responding to an emergency. His stress level may also be an issue on the job. This department needs to get both parties help now.

    For those who may scoff at "attention getting tactics" or "overdramatization", remember that you are not standing in this woman's shoes under a very real threat of death. She knows better than anyone else what goes on in their personal lives. She may be the only one who sees the dark side.

    Also, this is not the kind of attention a rational woman wants. By standing up for herself, she is surely cognizant of the unfair labels and accusations that she faces, as well as the risks she is taking. By protecting her own life, she is risking her finances, her security, her job, and her reputation. People don't just do that for kicks.

    This situation is exactly why every state should already have an independent commission that reviews all allegations and incidents of officer-involved domestic violence. It should consist largely of qualified people from outside the law enforcement profession (including advocates and forensic psychologists).

    Sister, I don't know who you are, but I do know that people are praying for both you and your abuser. I applaud your courage and hope that your fortitude changes the way officer-involved DV cases are handled in your state. Bless you for your tenacity, because you might be saving more lives than you currently know.

    Thank you Susan for keeping us posted!

  13. Go get 'em Susan! Remember, a corrupt police officer without the gun is a spineless wimp. You can take them down just by towering over them with the truth.

  14. oh great story of office and his wife and thanks for sharing the information with us ....
    i am really shocked to read it....

  15. While everyone else is believing your crap, I'll take a stand and say your out of your fuckin mind if you think Elizabeth police have plotted against anyone. I am not a police officer but I grew up around Elizabeth and have seen the good the police force does. The Elizabeth cops aren't "plotting against people." They are doing a tough job in a rough city. Maybe next time your getting robbed or you got raped, you should call a crack head or someone else. Because I'm pretty sure when it comes down to it you rely on the police.

  16. thanks for the great post i really like it

  17. What is wrong with our country? Cowards and criminals are put into positions of power to hide behind that badge that is suppose to be meant to SERVE AND PROTECT!! So who is suppose to serve and protect the innocent victims of domestic violence when their partner is the one behind the badge! This woman is this story is the hero she is one brave lady.

  18. oh great story of office and his wife and thanks for sharing the information with us ....
    i am really shocked to read it....


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