Thursday, September 9, 2010

Am I Under His Spell - Part II

By Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

(Please refer to Part 1 Am I Under His 'Spell?' )

Last month we started to talk about the very REAL issue of trance in relationship with pathologicals.

Women feel "under his spell," "spell bound," "mesmerized," "hypnotized," "spaced out," and "not in control of their own thoughts".  All of these are ways of saying that various levels of covert and subtle mind-control have been happening by the pathological.  And why wouldn't it be happening? These are power-hungry people who live to exert their dominance over others.

The ‘physio-psycho-pneuma’ control exerted by the pathological includes control of your body (physio), mind (psycho), and/or spirit (pneuma). Mind Control techniques are used on prisoners of war, in cults, and in hostage taking. It obviously works or there wouldn't be "techniques" and bad people wouldn't use it.

Mind control, brain washing, coercion are all words for the same principles that are used to produce the results of reducing your own effectiveness and being emotionally overtaken by someone intent on doing so. Here are the conditions of mind control:

* Perceived threat to one's physical or psychological survival and the belief that the captor/perpetrator would carry out the threat.

* Perceived small kindness from the captor/perpetrator to the captive.

* Isolation from perspectives other than those of the captor/perpetrator.

* Perceived inability to escape.

Mind control then produces dissociation which is a form of a trance state. This occurs when the mind becomes overloaded causing one to "step outside of yourself" to relieve the stress. Dissociation and trance happen during abuse in childhood as well as in something like an adult rape. Prolonged mind control in adults will even produce trance states during which adults begin to feel like they are being controlled.  All of this is common aftermath symptoms from exposure to pathology. A person’s normal psychology is not wired to be able to withstand exposure to someone else’s chronic, pathological, and abnormal psychology.

Next time, we'll continue our discussion on other forms of trance states and spellbound conditions.


  1. Most people have no clue they are even using mind control. Dissociation is caused by more than overloading the mind for example. Do you ever get angry about being depressed? That is total dissociation because the primary state is being depressed and the only way you can have any emotion about your primary state is to in-fact dissociate.

    I also think it's naive to believe we don't all use some form of mind control everyday. It's just that most people don't even realize they are using it.

    I found your post interesting and will be updating my article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want about your post

  2. coming from a relationship where I found out my husband was sexually abusing our 4 y/o I absolutely know this is a fact. Everytime I started to get conscious of something my mind felt like he was putting a spoon in and mixing my brain up. I distinctly remember after starting to practice yoga about 8 months I seemed to be sensing something changing inside me and I started having dreams and they were of my husband doing things to our daughter and I was so upset with myself b/c I loved him so much at least I thought I did at that time. As time progressed and I started getting my own will back from the yoga I decided to join the YMCA to take our then 3 y/o daughter swimming...she was deathly afraid of the water and was very emotional every time we went and I tried to make it exciting and fun. We were in the locker room just after she was happy and excited just moments before when seh said "mommy I think I saw mens butts with hair on them" I was just embarrassed and hoped no one heard. I said oh no don't think about that. duhhh was a stupid or what but something must have been going on b/c I didn't tell my husband who I told EVERYTHING to. 2 months later my daughter comes out with what daddy is doing to her. I ran for my life and hers but it all started with my becoming conscious after exerting my will in yoga and his being pissed I was starting to and especially mad when I join the Y but little by little it was revealed and I can pin point now when I believe it began when she was under 2 year old he began litle by little touching and was progressing. Of course police called us liars what else is new but lucky the family court judge believed and kept her safe but most judges don't believe I found out later just when I felt angry he didn't go to jail I found out how lucky I was just to have her safe after hearing so many horror stories! Now Jesus is my guiding light he helped me through it all and his will is my will he is the only mind control I need now. Prayer keeps us strong. I'll never forget the moment when I began chanting out of no where as he talked and i gained control and now I have graduated to Jesus the ultimate power much stronger than my 3rd chakra! Now I say the "Our Father" over and over anytime I feel I need strength b/c that is what I did in trial and it was awesome hwo the Lord controlled my tongue to say all the right things!

  3. So this is disturbing... looks like Marc the mind control guy is one of these pathologicals who think it's pretty cool to be manipulative for your own sake. And now he's using this information to peddle his techniques to other pathologicals.


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