Thursday, March 4, 2010

What happened to Sarah Rogers? Was Foul Play Involved?

By Cynthia Caron

Sarah Rogers, 29, a talented artist and musician left her home in Barrington, NH in a frantic state on a cold snowy morning on December 13, 2010. 

Sarah, a loving wife and devoted mother to her toddler son suffers from a bipolar-schizophrenic condition.  Sarah discontinued her medications three weeks prior to her disappearance as she felt they inhibited her painting abilities.  She not only has exceptional artist abilities but also is a talented musician.   Her paintings have sold in various areas of the country.  Sarah also possesses a musical talent, both as a guitar player, singer and writer.  A very talented young mother, she has sung in coffee shops and has written her own music.  Playing the guitar and singing to her young son was a common occurrence in her household.  Sarah has aspirations to obtain a degree in music.  Until Sarah returns, the home she shares with her husband and toddler son has become solemn and the music has stopped.  Her unfinished paintings sit by the wayside and her hung paintings are reminders of her love and passion and the terrible sadness of her missing from her home. Sarah’s young son, Elias, holds his toy car keys, along with her purse, on his arm and runs to the door throughout the day as if to indicate he is ready to go and search for his mommy himself.

Sarah did not leave her husband and child willingly or with purpose.  She ran from whatever fear, paranoia and emotional duress that her mind was going through during a frenzied state.  A state of mind that she had no control over.  On the morning of December 13th family members were visiting and along with Sarah’s husband tried to calm her.  Her husband phoned 911 and at that point Sarah feared being hospitalized and ran out  the door and drove off into the cold wintry weather wearing only a light jacket, tank top, shorts and dress shoes without socks.  She had no cell phone with her.

Nobody knows if Sarah made any stops during the day or where she was headed.  All that is known is that Sarah ended up a full 2 ½ hours away from her warm and comfortable NH home and was in Maine.  According to records, it appears Sarah was driving endlessly and without a sense of direction or plan.  Due to a video camera stationed on the turnpike toll areas,  it was found that Sarah drove through the Maine I95 turnpike in circles.  Going northbound on I95 for a long period of time and then going southbound.  She would then go back again through the northbound I95 lanes.  The cameras snapped photographs of her license plate and the times recorded as she went through the Fast Lane without an EZ Pass.  Sarah had a couple hundred dollars in her wallet and easily could have driven through the pay booths, however, her frame of mind was manic.  Sometime between 5:30 pm and 6:10 pm, while the snow was falling fast,  Sarah lost control of her vehicle and ran off the highway.  In the meantime, after reporting her missing to the police, her family waited anxiously and worriedly for her return.  Her father stood by his telephone in Florida hoping to receive the call that she was located and safe.  Her mother, and sister, numb with fear, waited the same.  Her toddler son played with his toys, unknown to the circumstances and confused by the worried looks of his father and grandmother.  Sarah did not return.

Sarah’s vehicle, a Scion, was discovered at 6:15 p.m. by a passing tow truck driver on Maine I95 North near the 140.5 mile marker shortly before Clinton, Maine.  Sarah was nowhere in sight.  Her vehicle was in gear, the engine running and the keys in the ignition.  30 feet from her vehicle was her backpack/purse with two wallets missing.  Did anyone happen upon Sarah or her vehicle?  Did someone flag Sarah down to help her? Did anyone see this young mother in summer attire fleeing from her vehicle in the snow? 

Maine State Troopers saw footprints which led from the vehicle across the median onto the southbound I95 highway and stopped.  Footprints were not made going into woods on either side.  By all indications Sarah obtained a ride from somebody driving south bound on I95.  Who gave Sarah a ride?    Did Sarah meet up with a dreadful unsavory person who may have harmed her?  Or was it a good Samaritan? If a good Samaritan helped Sarah, why haven’t they come forward?

Nearly 12 weeks have gone by with no sign of Sarah.  Her credit cards in her wallet have never been used.  Is Sarah wandering the streets in some unknown city with the homeless?  Has someone provided Sarah with shelter? Has she suffered memory loss or in a serious state of paranoia or even catatonic? Is she wandering the streets and  avoiding public contact due to her fears and delusions? Did she leave her wallets behind and a passerby happened upon her stalled vehicle and rummaged through her purse and took her wallets throwing her backpack/purse into the snow?  Or did Sarah herself grab her wallets and flung her back/pack purse into the snow? Who gave Sarah a ride? Where was she dropped off?  These are questions the family have asked over and again each day to themselves.  In the meantime, a child cries for his mother, a husband is tormented with fears, a mother and sister numb and on pins and needles and a father feeling helpless, worried and distressed. 

Can you help? Do you have information that can help the family towards their search for Sarah?

Who has information on what happened to Sarah Rogers? A reward of $5,000 has been established for information leading to locating Sarah and her safe return. Please see for more detailed information and various photographs.  Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling (800) 422-0944, or the Maine State Police at (800) 452-4664.


Body of Missing New Hampshire Woman found in Clinton

by Meghan Hayward · Mar 14th 2010 

The body of a missing New Hampshire woman was found Saturday afternoon in Clinton.

Maine State Police say the body of 29-year-old Sarah Rogers of Barrington, New Hampshire was found a short distance from where her abandoned car was found on I-95 in December.

Police say the body was found by nearby neighbors who were looking on their property for any signs of the missing woman.

The body was located off the southbound lane of the interstate, near the Mutton Lane overpass.

They say there were no signs of foul play, but the cause of death will await an autopsy scheduled for Monday.

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