Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twitter and Facebook “TMI”—Watch What you Write!

By Michelle Simonsen

If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, most of us are guilty of this.
TMI. Too much information.
“Hey all! I’m going to Chicago this weekend!” 
“I’m off to a party!” 
“Going on vacation for a week!” 
We innocently tell our “friends” what we are doing and where we are going constantly. Our society is at an all-time high with the insurmountable and overwhelming abundance of “information overload”. 
You are thinking, “It’s not a big deal….these are my ‘friends’, right?” 
I challenge you to look closely at your entire friend list on Twitter or Facebook. Sure, you’ve got your real “friends and family”, but I’d be willing to bet you have people listed as “friends” you barely know, are slight acquaintances with, or maybe just “internet friends” you “think” you know, but in reality DON’T know. 
One internet site discussed this very topic and a commenter wrote:
“My best friends are people I've met online. Met one on WoW and have known him for 2 years, and the other…I've known him for nearly 5 years. I feel closer to both of these people than anybody I know…and I don't see that ever changing.”
Be honest with yourself. Do you really KNOW these people? Is the innocent “twittering” and “facebook updates” of your personal information getting into the wrong hands?
What if? 
“I’m going to a party at 222 Walnut St. tonight!” 
Suppose someone on your “friend list” sees the information of your evening excursion? What if this information becomes the direct cause of an assault, rape, robbery or any other criminal victimization against you?
What if? 
“I’m headed to Hawaii for a week! Can’t wait!” 
What if that “friend” reads that you will be gone for an extended time; right down to the details of when you will be gone, and when you will return. Knowing your house or apartment will be empty is a criminal’s dream come true. It’s not hard to locate a person’s address online; thus you may have a potential burglary at hand. 
By giving too much “TMI”, this will only set you up for a potentially bad or harmful situation. If you feel it necessary to tell friends you will be out of town or what you are planning on doing or going, think about emailing them individually. 
“Twitter” and “Facebook” are not bad things.  Just look at how you use it, become aware, and act responsibly.  You’re smarter than that, right?

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  1. Here's another thought about social media and dv: Yesterday I posted to my facebook very upset that my x won a court ruling that changed my child support from receiving $212 per month to paying out $300 per month. I mentioned this without dissing him since he's been out of work (nevermind the hiding of income and other related lies), and I said "this isn't what I had in mind when I shouted out for feminine empowerment!" To which a number of friends consoled me and lambasted him until my 14 year old daughter scolded me for making this personal information public. Warning to protective moms, all ears are on deck. ~ Susy


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