Friday, October 16, 2009

We Didn't Start The Fire!

"Time's Up!" Editorial

No, we didn't start the fire, the fire of evil has been around since time began, burning all around us.  As we listen to the news and read updates on the Internet, every day crime seems to be getting more and more horrendous, creating more and more victims.  We, as caring people, can barely keep up with service programs and outreach to these victims.

We are being held hostage by fear, frustration and futility while our legal system churns criminals back out into the streets, sometimes because of minor technicalities of law.  Victims of crime, as we know, have little, if any, rights and are, in a lot of cases,looked upon as nothing more than a witness for the prosecution, taking the stand literally in their own defense, while a murderer, rapist or terrorist stalker sits in front of them.

We are held hostage by a media which spoon feeds us exactly what they want us to hear, that which is deemed politically correct, so that we all form the same opinions.  They show us all the violence and ugliness that confronts us each day until we become numb to bloodshed, guts and gore.  We learn of all the forthcoming doom and gloom, sinking ever so slowly into a state of depression, but, don't forget, during the commercial break we will learn of a new pill that will keep us from feeling so bad!  All the while the value of a human life has taken a nosedive.

As we seem to be spiraling downward towards the fires of hell, we hold out our hand, we reach for something to hold on to, something that will catch us like a safety net as we see the edge of the cliff looming oh so near.  We hold on to the only thing we can see that is looking back at us, and that is hope.

Hope for victims of crime seems to be something that passed them by as they suffer each day re-living trauma that happened to them, a trauma that they didn't ask for and, in most cases, took them by surprise.  A crime that to most of us is played out on the 6 o'clock news, but for them has been a life changing experience.  As we go about our daily lives, their lives have turned to turmoil.

What is it that a surviving victim wants?  Basic human rights would be a starting point.  The right to have hope that their feelings and emotions are not minimized and are taken into account as they travel through the justice system.  The right to have a system in place that would acknowledge them and assure them that the criminal involved will be dealt with swiftly, fairly, yet correctly. 

No, we didn't start the fire, but by collectively working towards the best interests of each other instead of selfishly hoarding our talents, we could possibly make a change.  Will we put out the fire of evil?  Not likely, but at least we could beat it back until it's just a controllable ember rather than a raging, out of control, destructive burn.


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  1. Powerful!! Love this closing line: 'but at least we could beat it back until it's just a controllable ember rather than a raging, out of control, destructive burn.'


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