Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Looking for Inspiration in the Most Obscure Places

By Jillian Maas Backman

The world is running on an inspirational empty tank of fuel right now. An unknown source is depleting our natural energy resource of hope and desire for better days ahead. The good news is that inspiration is an abundant organic supply and available to anyone willing to take the initiative to re-fuel.

Stop, Look and Listen to those around you.

We all have friends or family that sense the negative in every situation. This can be more oppressive to your own energy source than imagined. It is like being slimed with “spiritual grey gunk.” It coats every emotion, thought and action with a tainted view of reality. If you live long enough in this state of slime it will separate you from all internal soul’s hopes and inspirations. In exaggerated cases, it can appear as if someone is walking around dead to the outside world. Recipients of this kind of constant aggressive harassment are also affected by second-hand negativity. You may take on their spiritual grey gunk and distract your intentions to live an inspirational path.

Know when to step away from the toxic energetic relationships.

We have become a society of relationship junkies. Always planning to be somewhere with someone, doing some kind of activity to occupy our minds, bodies and spirits. We stay in these unhealthy pairings out of obligation. Even when it means spending time with others who are inspiration and hope stealers. It never ends unless you make a decision to change.

Alone time is special time

We have adopted an all-or-nothing mentality to our personal relationships. Either we throw ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritual all in OR we totally retreat with the same conviction. You do not have to make this abrupt turn-about and leave the relationship entirely, unless of course, physical harm is involved.

Instead, opt to minimize your time spent together. Know your energetic limitations. Set boundaries of how much time you spend in direct contact. I reference back to the last July post and the energy sphere diagrams. As demonstrated, close contact with this kind of energy will eventually suck your spiritual light right out of you. Not leaving an ounce of personal inspiration left and you will be the one searching aimlessly for hope. When this happens, text instead.

Host an Inspirational Intervention:

It is sad to be a witness to this kind of detached hopelessness. You end up giving in on everything that brings one happiness. Intimate connections of all kinds, career dreams and above all, the promise of a peaceful soul. When one reaches this point of emotional devastation, it is an uphill battle to conquer alone.

Of course, we all want to reach out and give them a healthy dose of hope and inspiration medicine, but know that is unrealistic. We can, however, bring a source of inspiration directly onto their path.

Intervention reality television is a favorite of many who watch shows regularly. You know the scenario. A professional, along with family and friends, stage a pretend outing with the potential “lost soul.” Upon arrival to the event enlist them into a pre-assigned program of wellness. This kind of intervention works for many who are dealing with their own inner demons of choice, drugs, alcohol and any other sad addictions.

Plan the same kind of intervention for those who have lost their inner connection to happiness. This kind of interventions should incorporate activities that encourage and stimulate both hope and inspiration. Think about your significant person. What makes them feel energetically alive? What kind of outing would bring your friend or family member peace again? Be creative with your ideas. Look for obscure and unique ways of triggering that hope button again for someone. Tap into your own inspirational pool of thought and share it with the world.

Positive People Unite

Those of us who have our inspirational energy fuel tanks full need to reach out and help those in inspirational need. We need a positive electric jolt to energize our communities. All human beings have an incredible ability to change the polarity of energy from negative to positive in an instance. For example, holding the hand of another human being while in prayer or singing circles can pass the energy from one person to another. A perfect example of how to light up a friend who is going through hard times. Share the energy, do not hold on to it. One human body can only handle so much before it start leaking out the sides.

I know when my energy needs an inspirational fill- up from a friend. If you need help to get motivated again ask those in your inner circle who are happy to share. The universe is ready to give at a moment’s notice to anyone who asks for this blessing. Search for a group that is willing to bring you into their clasped hands and make room for one more pair in their closed circle.

Healing circles of all kinds have been associated with cultures throughout the centuries. Walking intricate labyrinths in England, medicine wheels from ancient times and ceremonies of all spiritual backgrounds incorporate the sounds of music. They can mend emotional hearts and sooth a crying soul. I have included one of my favorites from the past few days. ………


Listen as many times as you can throughout your day and feel the goose bumps of hope and inspiration return.

“Music is a historical muse for many an inspirational healing. Unpredictable tones inner- woven by musician and melodic instruments, sending out sound waves that inspire the coldest of souls to peace. “

Living with inspired grace,

Jillian Maas Backman,

Author, Beyond The Pews, Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown.

Music track provided by Michael Suess, Fire Circle Drum and Crafts, Drum Across America Movie,

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