Monday, July 26, 2010

The Accused Lady Killer - “I know what you are - you’re nothing but a Womanizer.”

Britney Spears knows these men are called Womanizer. A man that is not necessarily attractive, yet beholds exquisite game. He reels in several women with his empty promises of love, candle lit dinners, and great wit when he's only interested in sex. He is almost always a self-described asshole and feels no remorse when playing with women's emotions. Sometimes these men have so much game that women overlook the fact that they are being played.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Hate the sin, not the sinner.” or the more hip version "Don't hate the playa, hate the game" (DHTPHTG) in textspeak. Example: “Yo, even tho' you busted my man Stephen, we hadda pardon him, bro...DHTPHTG...

Even though accused lady killer Stephen Nodine is on so called House Arrest for the murder of Angel Downs, it hasn’t slowed him down. It would seem it has though sharpened his womanizing skills. A few of his recent female pigeons have chosen to share some of their experiences. Likening it to being chased by a landshark - a cunning urban predator. Thankfully they kept their distance and were not harmed. The RED FLAGS are up - he can pounce on you and you won’t even see it coming.

Those fed up with Nodine antic's are saying:
(*someone representing himself as Stephen Nodine contacted them)
  • Nodine has a site with an ID of Beach47M.
  • Nodine has had numerous affairs with women under 20, saying he has lied, cheated, and abused his way to the top.
  • His ex-sister-in-law stated he stole money from her sister, lied to her and drank too much.
  • Nodine currently reports he is bored, misses being able to run. Now runs around his driveway, mows the grass, and chases lounge lizards on the deck.
  • He reading Charles Colson's book "Born Again." Says he got religion again while in jail.
  • Nodine is online and on the phone trolling for women.
  • Celebrated a 47th Birthday party complete with the best ever German choc cake.
  • He is writing a book, he's on the 5th chapter and said he's already had 3 offers. It centers around his growing up in Juno Beach, the Bahamas, his political times.
  • He's allegedly looking for help to develop a vehicle to show how great he is.
  • He attends services at Methodist Dauphin Way in spite of they are all Democrats who can't believe he is still "walking tall."
  • He confesses to a foot and hand fetish as long as you don't have bunions or fake nails.
  • He fantasizes about walks on the beach, which are now relagated to his driveway.
  • He says he's a soul brother and can really dance alot like Elaine on Seinfeld.
  • The world is kicking his butt but he keeps a crap eating smile on his face cause he knows God loves him.
  • He say he knows "who I am and his laywers will be in touch." Mr. Nodine please have any communication sent to Susan Murphy Milano at P.O. Box 14946, Surfside Beach, SC 29587 and of course my lawyers will respond to your ramblings. And Mr. Nodine ---Please make sure you have a chance to get your favorite beverage before your mandated curfew so you can listen in comfort and style to our show. And we invite you to participate in our live chat room during the show.
  • He suddenly relaized last week he needed a haircut - it's all messed up.

You hang around a barbershop or beauty shop long enough and sooner or later you'll get a hair cut - at least that's what they say...
at Bella's Salon and Spa. For on July 21st at 10am in Mobile, AL a middle aged man comes in to get a hair cut. He sits downs - he has a certain air of arrogance about him? He asks repetitively “Don’t you know who I am? You really have no clue who I am?” (They must have missed the GPS on his ankle.)

The pretty hairdresser keeps working and answers “No should I?” Thinking maybe he’s a celebrity? The phone rings and the receptionist answers it, she yells out, “It’s a parole agent and he wants to speak to Steve Nodine."

One can imagine a collective - EWWWWW we had an accused murderer here in our Salon and didn’t even know it?! That's frightening!

Why didn’t Nodine go to a man's barber shop for his pseudo-military hairdo? Could it be because there are no women in a barbershop? He enjoys the game.

A womanizer is a man who always seems to make women fall for him. A skilled, charming man, not necessarily attractive, who can thoroughly make you believe that he loves you. Usually he is just there to get in your pants. However, there are actually some sadistic men out there who just like to do it for fun, or for control, attention, revenge or worse.

Other Dangerous Players aka Lady Killers:
Drew Peterson - who could forget the Drew Peterson Dating Game?
OJ Simpson
Scott Peterson
Brad Cunningham

Men who murder their female partners are often motivated by a need to save face by regaining a sense of power and control if the woman threatens to leave, or does leave. Some men are jealous; some are hopped up on drugs; some are career criminals; some are suicidal or depressed; and some, are materially motivated. "Why Do They Kill?: Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners" by David Adams

"They're narcissists," says retired FBI profiler Candice De- Long, who lives in San Francisco. "Life is all about them." "For narcissists, it's not just that they love themselves," DeLong says, "but it's how others see them. Their image to others, to the world, is what's really important. And to have a chink in that armor is totally unacceptable. And that chink can be anything." Often, it's a damning secret. Did Nodine fear Angel would tell on him? Steve has lead a very troubled past and his future is none too bright either.

According to Eric W. Hickey murderers of intimate partners are more likely to have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, to be more frequently intoxicated and to be more verbally abusive and physically violent.

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WARNING: Your Cell Phone or Internet May Be Hazardous to Your Health. Accused murder suspect Stephen Nodine knows how to manipulate women, the media and the system.

*My comments are only my opinion, not fact. It is my commentary on the topic, and I'm exercising my 1st Amendment rights as a US citizen. Comments are NOT made with any malicious intent.


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