Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Physical Angels Come To Visit

By Jillian Maas Backman

Physical Angels, Like A Whisper, they pass through moments of time without a sound……..
As we move into the holiday seasons, I thought it would be note worthy to chat about subjects that make us all feel warmhearted: ANGELS. 

Ancient text tells us these mystical forces live among us. Perhaps you have been blessed with an encounter of your own and never really “got it.” I refer to this wonder as “human physical angels;”  human beings that seem to arrive onto your path in the midst of crucial transitions;  occasions when we are in need of new direction; fresh experiences with new people; or alternatively, in times of great crisis, a rescue from spontaneous precarious events. 

The majority of human angelic interventions are much more subtle in presentation. Like a whisper, they pass through moments of time without a sound. As quick they came, so to, they leave your side forever. Positioned in their wake, a tidal wave of transformation of great proportions .

Why do we have encounters with “physical angels?  How can you identify when you have been blessed with this kind of sacred encounter?   Lastly, why do I need to be conscious of this kind of divine event?

Why do we have encounters with “physical angels?”
We all survive the day-to-day grind of a normal life, somewhat content with status quo. Unbeknown to us, our “spirit seekerconsistently nudges us forward to aspire to be bigger than ourselves, proverbially setting us up for the next “growth spurt of transformation.” The willingness to expand is present, but the lack of knowledge and courage it takes to break free and fly again is not. Physical angels unlock our suspended roteness, supply knowledge and insure progressive momentum to success.

Angelic Professor

How to identify when you have been blessed with this kind of sacred encounter?
Here is where the fun part of the story takes a huge turn forward. 
A new person drops right onto your path out of nowhere; an acquaintance with no linage to your family or friends. Not sure why, they just show up. (Clue No. 1)

Usually at a time when something significant is about to occur.
The exchange between yourself and this person appears very intimate from the beginning, as if you have known them forever, long lost friend of sorts. (Clue no. 2)  More like a master teacher/student relationship.  Their teachings center on your progression.

The shared expertise and energy is extremely heightened and intense. Graciously loving, sharing their knowing with egoless effect solely for your highest good-as if this person is simply reciting specific wisdom transcribed directly from an esoteric book of knowledge exclusively penned just for you,  a how- to manual with concrete solutions to your un-answerable questions and concerns.

If this scenario sounds a bit un-nerving or unbelievable, great. It is intended to grab your attention, shake you to your core, shatter useless expectations you have in place and catapult you to greater peaks of accomplishments in a very short duration of time. (Clue no. 3)

Why do I need to be conscious of this kind of divine event?
You can imagine the impact this kind of relationship can have in someone’s life.  Having gone through this several times now, I can attest to several significant imprints.
Do not get this confused with mentorship associations.  Mentor relationships evolve slowly over time, and address key issues one
at a time. This kind of relationship has a spattering effect of course- work thrown at you all at once. It reminds me of the old yahtzee game I used to play regularly with my grandmother.  You would put a handful of dice into a cup, vigorously shake and throw them on the table as hard as you could and anxiously lean in to assess the result of your throw. It may take weeks- and sometimes even years- to appreciate multiple lessons. Nevertheless, be rest assured after an encounter like this, you will never go back to who, where or what you were before. 

Here is the toughest part to story, the endingThese physical angels fade out of our life as quickly as they came in, usually no longer than a few days, weeks, or months. (Clue no. 4)

When we stumble upon others that “get who we are,our natural reaction is to hold on tight, and never let go. But you see, they are not meant to stay present with us for long; but for only as long as it takes to share their wisdom solely to benefit our life, and then move on.  I have seen so many people devastated with the loss of this friendship/spiritual mentoring they refuse to comprehend the true essence of the original intention for this powerful connection. Many are caught up in the suspended world of “wanting more” and loosing them forever. You must force yourself through the circle of completion.  Indentify your physical angels; spend as much quality time together as possible.  Have the courage to let them go.  In addition, always take comfort in knowing it will happen repeatedlyEach time you and your physical angel will be blessed forever.

Jillian Maas Backman is the weekly host of I.T’S For You radio program which airs every Sunday morning on-air, 961 fm (Lake Geneva, WI and North shore Chicago area) from 9am-10am (CST)    and on-line, www.lake961.com. You can listen to the entire podcast series entitled: Divine Creations, The Angel Experience by going to www.jillianmaasbackman.com

Have a blessed holiday and we shall continue this journey together after this spirit- filled season.  In gracious love, Jillian
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  1. My son is a quadraplegic & profoundly retarded. He is fed by a feeding tube. Nurses come to our home to help care for him. We have met many wonderful people, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and hospice volunteers that have been in our lives for a long time. He is in touch with something special and many people have told us they felt a presence when around him. There have been two nurses who did not work with him very long, but touched my life at the perfect time. One gave me a book, because she felt I was ready to receive the info in it. The other listened to classic lit. on CD & after listening to the Iliad or Odyssey, she said my son was the reincarnation of Achilles the wounded warrior. I thought that was a wonderful way of looking at him, especially since he has outlived Drs highest expectations & came back twice after actively dying.


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