Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hope Always Springs Eternal

By Pamela Chapman
Have your expectations not come forth? Have you been disappointed in your dreams? Have you heard of or seen family, friends, and associates lose their homes, their jobs and their money?

Often time you have big ideas and dreams of possibilities for your life that, seemingly, never come to fruition. At least, not in the timeframe you’ve expected or believed. Have you possibly thought something was wrong with you or wrong with the God you believe? Have you ever lost faith?

I know during the Christmas season everything is supposed to be merry and bright. But, this is also the season of severe depression, suicide, and abuse. I never, ever write about anything I haven’t experienced. I may not have studied human behavior or psychology on a Doctorate level; but, I can tell you this, dear one, this woman has experienced life on a master’s level. I don’t write from an elevated place never having suffered, never having been wounded, never having been depressed, anxious or fear filled. I write from my reality.

We are living in turbulent times. We are living in times where everything that can be shaken is being shaken: our homes, our careers, nature, and even our scared religious beliefs and systems. What do I mean by being shaken? Everything seems to be going through a resistance, stamina or pressure test. In other words, pressure is being applied to every area of our lives and sometimes even our very being feels as if it’s going to pop. Is there anyone out there who can give an “Amen?”

Earthquakes of 8.9 in Japan and tsunamis to follow; Hurricane Irene 2011; deadly tornados in Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Georgia, as well as quakes on the East Coast felt in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Inflation is headed toward hyper inflation. There are government, and church scandals. Justice is a joke and financial institutions have become fraudulent and corrupt. Too many are still without meaningful, satisfying employment. The ability to live happy, fulfilled lives; forget about abundant lives, seems to be a fantasy or something someone touts to sell a book or seminar. Long-term relationships and friendships are coming to closure. Struggle, compromise and chaos have replaced ease of living, transparency, and accord.

There are lots of theories as to why, how come and what will culminate. I say time will tell. But, if I may share one word of thought with you today that one word would be HOPE. Again, I am not a woman who speaks from other’s experiences. I have experienced pain on magnitude levels—not glorifying my trials by any means. I believe my experiences have made me strong and powerful; but, even more importantly, I can stand in the face of any adversity, I can grab hands with a sister or a brother for that matter and say, “Hold on. You can make it. You will make it. I will help you make it.”

Now, if you read the post before, you’d understand there were times when I, myself, wanted to give up, pull the covers over my head and sleep right on out of this life. I have to also tell you it was the times when I had made huge demands of myself and the Universe, God. What I mean by this is when I had declared, “I AM standing on the promises.”  Once I had made my personal, statements and spoken them aloud for days, and once I demanded change—positive change in my life, for my life, my own personal tornado seemed to take me up and throw me up against a tree several miles away.  I just believe in keeping it real. But I wouldn’t give up. I kept believing and kept hoping. I kept seeing the possibilities.

Way deep down in the solace of my sprit when there were no words to speak, and my own sanity seemed questionable, and the conscious mind said, “give up,” there was always hope. Hope that somehow, somewhere God All Mighty would send me someone from somewhere to speak into my Spirit and help me remember. Hope I would rise up from my own personal bed of affliction and not just hobble but run. Hope the day would bring the promises of “Yea” and “Amen.” Hope that I would find the answers within to accomplish what He has declared about me and for me before the foundation of this earth was laid. Hope that mankind would somehow see what abundance, prosperity, and wealth lies around him making it needless to fight, compete, envy, and harm one another.

Hope has no limited time. Hope comes in all shapes and forms, colors and sizes. It shows up in a message on television, the radio or a billboard. Hope transmits in a phone call from a friend you haven’t spoken to in months. Hope believes, “In spite of what I see and hear, I AM routed and grounded. I AM focused. I AM capable and the evidence shall appear.”

Hope says, “I AM not forgotten.” Hope shouts, “Justice for all and justice will win.” Hope says, “Truth shall reign,” and Hope declares, “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when but I know!”

We live in a time when you need to know what is true for your own personal life. No one can lead you down their reality or their path and make it work for you. Your DNA is your DNA. What life has for you is what life has for you. Your reality and your truth is yours.

In spite of all the shaking, in the midst of all the negativity, in the realm of the impossible—keep hope at your center. It stems from your soul, shoots through the atmosphere and reaches into the galaxies only to radiate back into you. It is unlimited. It is perpetual. When you lose all hope, you become nothing more than a vapor, without purpose, passion, or ability. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12.

If you are drowning in a sea of hopelessness, remember this every day you open your eyes it’s a new day or opportunity, grace and mercy. Every day is a new beginning. In fact, I believe every moment is a new beginning. You don’t have to wait for 2012 or for someone to declare a special time in your life. You declare this day, this moment, this right now opportunity as your new beginning. Now!

Right here is an outreached hand waiting to grasp yours—ready to assist in pulling you into your incredible, marvelous, and glorious life. Here is a heart ready to beat with your heart if you are ready to welcome its truthful beat. Here is a word to encourage, motivate, inspire and help you find the magnificent God within if you are ready to embrace your marvelous change.

Love you.

Pamela Chapman is Founder of iAscend Programs, an author and certified life coach who has worked extensively with victim services organizations and advocated for many years.  She now spends her time writing and traveling, living each day as a new adventure!  Her latest blog is You Are Not A Victim

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