Monday, August 8, 2011

Time's Up! Enough is Enough!

By Cynthia Caron

Come on people! Wake up! Do you realize how many missing children go missing unnecessarily in which it could have easily been prevented? Too many children murdered and abused every day. How many of our children’s lives can be saved if only parents would start using common sense? Yes, enough is enough. Every day we read of the horrific stories of children who have been abused, raped or even murdered due to the hands of those that are supposed to protect them! I’m not talking about their parents, yes parents can be just as horrifying, however, I am talking about the people that parents are allowing their children to be exposed to. Mothers “dating” men that are known to be associated with drug use, have criminal backgrounds and even registered sex offenders. I will never for the life of me understand how any young mother would put her own needs ahead of their children and play russian roulette with their lives. Please don’t tell me they “need the extra income” because it is not worth a child’s life for a few hundred more dollars a month. Right? Nor will I ever understand how a man can leave his children in the care of a woman who is also known to be cruel and abusive to his children. In this day and age it is all inexcusable. There are background checks that can be done for a very minimal cost. One can even go to their local police department and inquire if a potential person who will be around their children has any outstanding warrants or a criminal background. Are not your children worth it?

How many more young innocent children do we have to lose in this world before action is taken? What is it going to take? Perhaps authorities need to hold parents more responsible for any crimes committed against children that the parents could have avoided by not allowing such monsters in their homes. Maybe that is what it will take for young parents to wise up and start becoming responsible.

The public can also help, as well. If you know a neighbor, friend or relative is allowing minor children to be subjected to a parent’s poor choice in a “mate” my suggestion is to stand up and start dialing the phone and alert the Children’s Protective Services or even the authorities. It’s a good bet the person around that child probably has some kind of outstanding warrant for arrest or has a court ordered restriction not allowing them to be around children. Please don’t wait until it is too late.

Even good parents need to take heed. Never take your guard down! Allowing small children to bike ride alone is never a good idea. Letting them walk to the store alone, or even if two together, is not a wise decision in this day and age either. There are just too many predators out in this world and if your child is facing a gun or a knife, two together is not going to be able to fight off a determined adult. It’s sad that parents need to be overly protective, even in the best of surroundings and circumstances, however, our children are just too important and one needs to be aware at all times. Use to check who lives in your neighborhood and where your children play.

Safety for children is so easy to implement. Common sense should always rule. Be a parent, your kids are not your friends. They will respect you when they know that rules are made to be followed and that you care about their best interest. Know who your children are talking to online. Do not allow computers in their bedrooms or internet access via their cell phones. Always in a main area in the home. Remember to always phone the parents of whom your child wants to sleep over at your place and the same when your child wishes to stay at a friend’s home. Communication, always. One last important note, if you are going to ground your child…please take away television or assign a chore for punishment just never take away their cell phone. That phone can be the GPS needed in order to find your child should they go missing.

Cynthia L. Caron
LostNMissing, Inc
Cell: 603-548-6548
Office: 603-965-4621

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  1. 59 offenders in my neighborhood, and 7 non mappable ones. How is that possible with THREE elementary schools and a middle school with in a 3 block radius?


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