Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Equinox: Organic Explosion of Spring

By Jillian Maas Backman

Every year my dearest pal organizes an extraordinary social event to celebrate the passing of Winter into the organic explosion of Spring. Better known on the calendar as the Spring Equinox.

Even though most of us strive to live a spiritual enriched lifestyle, it is always good for the soul to step out of routine. Periodically to remind ourselves to re-adjust our purpose for being here. In addition, it is always more fun when you can combine spiritual work with play. Just to relax, break bread with love ones and catch up on the latest news. I am always awestruck by the eclectic group of people in attendance. From all lifestyles. Different ethnicities, faiths and genders coming together to take part in this celebratory universal earthly event. It is humbling to be included in this kind of gathering. More importantly, it demonstrates the capabilities to find common ground of rejoice.

With this celebration came homework. The Spring Equinox represents a symbolic transition of letting go and materlization. We were asked to compile a list of items we want to let go and a second list of items we want to manifest for the coming year. To be honest with you, these kinds of tasks drive me crazy. I usually spend countless minutes toiling over the correct terminology and word-smithing every phase just right. Hoping not to leave anything off the list.

I have done this several times in the past and get hung up on the same issues year after year. Somewhere deep inside my soul there is conflict over this kind of precise “requesting” of blessings. Parts of me understand we all have human lessons to learn. The other part of me always believes in intuitive spontaneity. Letting the God process interweave spiritual surprises along the journey.

Throughout my teachings as a student, I was taught not to ask for anything in particular. If you do, this could be mis-interrupted as coming from human ego. A way of manipulating the process of God to receive what you want. I have since shifted my thoughts on this subject. The universe can share with you if you are willing to ask with humbleness. Asking, if presented in an appropriate fashion does enhance purposeful living.

Every task on your list should contain some kind of balance. Some people insist all tasks should be intentionally focused and on purpose. Have we have lost our capacity for spiritual buoyancy. Riding the waves of unpredictable events as they come along. There will always be endless upward lessons and downward spiritual lessons of all dimensions. The God process rides the upheavals with you no matter what. Maybe, not every moment of our days should be spent towards unraveling spiritual lessons. There might be days when you are just supposed to rest and assilate nothing. Just being present with the quiet energy of nothingness. Keep this detail in the back of your mind when complete this exercise. Be as detailed as you feel the need to, but leave spaces for the unpredictable.

Exercise: Compose a Spring Equinox List

Find a quiet sacred spot to do this exercise. I prefer my car; no one can bother me there. Take your shoes off and get comfortable. We want no barriers between your feet and the energy of the earth. Breathe of course. No need to worry about deep breaths. For some, this shifts the focus off the task and may cause distractions.

There are boundaries one should follow when doing this task. Keep the list specific to items that only YOU can enact. Do not abuse this privilege. Please refrain for asking that others change their thoughts, behaviors, or actions. This list is about your changes and your lessons. You cannot interfere with other people’s lessons. They are responsible for creating their own list of letting go and manifesting change.

Step One: Letting Go

The Winter season is associated with dormancy. Things being put on hold for a short while. You must stir up the dirt from the inside out. Begin the process with an internal question: What am I suppose to let go right now? This is just a suggestion. Of course, re-work to reflect your own style. Say it aloud. This will jumpstart your subjective mind. Write any words as they come up on a piece of paper. Do not worry about precise sentences. You are searching for a physical description of what needs to be released energetically.

The next step is to release this energetic list out in the world. Dispose of it how you wish. The point is to remind yourself it is leaving your life for good.

Step Two: Materialization

Spring is about popping out of the cave and affecting new beginnings. What activities do you want to co-create? This is the time to do it. Planting season is upon us. The seasonal ground is fertile with endless possibilities. All you need to do is ask.

This divine privilege returns every year. Take this to heart. Of course, you may request blessing of all kinds, within reason. However, your expectations must be in alignment with reality. My hope for all is that you will gain success in whatever your heart desires. Please use reason when asking for such blessings. Keep in mind this exercise represents “new beginnings” not end results.

Think about using this energetic season to introduce new ideas into your thoughts. Break your list into chucks that are spiritually possible right now. When you plateau and reach that goal, repeat again.

On this list, there is abit more wiggle-room for including others. Asking for materialization for others is highly encouraged. Many are too humble or do not know how to ask for blessings for themselves. My dear friends and I do this for each other all the time. Sometimes, we are too closely involved in situations and unsure how to proceed forward.

You can do both exercises simonataneously or at separate times. Find that quiet space and go to work. List on a separate sheet of paper your goals you want to begin or change. Let your creative imagination soar on this one. Include those you feel need this same blessing. This piece of paper you may keep. Again, find your sacred place and hide it away. In the past, I have even buried it to let the earth lend its grounding energy to the process.

P.S : To calm my fears of not saying the right words on the paper I now finish each list with this phrase: If this is the highest good for myself and others, please let it be. It works wonders to fill in the spiritual gap of uncertainties.

In closing, I know I am always asking everyone to include world issues in most of my exercises. As hard as I try to stay completely focused on the individual, my heart tugs me back to the same intuitive message. Include those who need our energetic attention. Even if it is a split second in time. Change is occurring and affecting thousands of people right now. Please add a phase for their “new beginnings to your list.”

I cannot create global new beginnings necessary for higher grace but I know an energy that can!

Cheers to New Beginnings, Jillian Maas Backman  www.jillianmaasbackman.com

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