Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Sexual Perverts Pretend to Protect Us

By Charles Moncrief

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all . . . are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted . . . deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. . . .from the Declaration of Independence

John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a parade while riding in a convertible on November 22, 1963. Presidents now ride in bulletproof vehicles with darkened windows because our nation has reacted to the threat posed by this incident.

Pope John Paul II was shot and critically wounded on May 13, 1981. Popes now ride in hideous-looking vehicles with bulletproof canopies because the Vatican reacted to this incident.

On September 11, 2001 several commercial airline jets crashed in a coordinated terrorist attack. The United States government continues to react by increasing security measures at airports and on board commercial flights. The public will never know the true effectiveness of these measures, because some of the success is due to secrecy in several aspects of the screening process.

It would be foolish to credit these security measures as the sole reason for the absence of terrorist-related deaths on airline flights, just as it would be foolish to discount their role. But irrespective of the degree of their success, they have come at a high price.

The added security measures at airports in the United States are largely responsible for huge losses of liberty for American citizens who fly on the commercial airlines.

With each new security action by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) a noose is further tightened around the necks of the flying public. Accompanying each announcement of a new TSA action is a report on the nightly news, followed by an obligatory interview with someone in an airport terminal who supports the action. The field reporter finds some passenger who says “I support anything to make my flight safer.” Every time I watch these interviews, I double over with nausea. The “man on the street” interview is intended to show American citizens’ willingness to sacrifice personal liberties and Creator-endowed rights in return for the possibility of increased safety and security. With no pretense of tact on my part, I’m surprised that our living veterans of World War II are not weeping when they see how cheaply are squandered the liberties they fought so hard to preserve. It’s also alarming that the person in the interview is willing to forfeit freedoms that his or her children and grandchildren will never get back, and all for the appearance of increased safety. The flying public is now being subjected to more indignity than ever, with lost time and lost money all under the pretense of “United We Stand.”

While the indignities are becoming progressive, they normally would not merit reporting on this site. My reason for doing so is that the latest atrocity inflicted on the flying public has now crossed the line into sexual abuse.

Approximately a year ago I learned that full-body scanners were being installed at some airports. The news magazines dutifully carried the government's lies, assuring that the images were not electronic strip-searches, and showing pictures that resembled mannequins on a video monitor. Every attempt has been made to conceal the fact that these mannequin-type images were anatomically correct! Now, in a recent World Net Daily article (http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=226533) it is coming to light that these images are so revealing that some TSA officials are drooling as they view them.

TSA is continuing to press their version of the story, insisting that the images are “family friendly,” and that an air traveler who feels that the enhanced touching is inappropriate can call for a law enforcement officer. These bon mots are intentional deceptions. What passenger, desperately trying to catch a plane, has factored in enough time to call the police following inappropriate fondling by a TSA official? Add to this the fact that the airport is the home turf of the TSA official and the local police, so the odds are likely that it becomes your word against the agent’s.

An even further atrocity is the airline passenger’s option not to be body-scanned by these devices. The alternative is to have the entire body patted down by a government official, and the passenger does not always get to choose the gender of the official who does the fondling. Quoting from the above link: “One woman described how agents grabbed and twisted her breasts.” Here is a link to video testimony of a woman subjected to egregious treatment by officials:

Here is another link relating to the comments of a flight attendants’ union spokesperson who said the searchers “actually make contact with the genital area.”

I’ll spare you the details about the possibilities of cavity searches, and the means that may likely be used to accomplish them. You’re probably already angry at me for the bluntness of my manner of presenting these atrocities.

If you’re not yet angry at me, I’m about to change that. If you are angry, I’m sure this will anger you further. Were you ever one of those who lost patience with people who objected to the loss of privacy in airport searches? Did you answer with something resembling “If you don’t have anything to hide, why would you object?” Consider asking a woman being subjected to a cavity search, “If you don’t have anything to hide, why would you object? After all, someone may be hiding explosive powder or a plastic weapon this way.”

If this gets too personal, then I’ve succeeded in forcing some self-examination. (Oh my, what a poor choice of words!) But I sincerely hope that you will consider joining those who will stand up to a sexual perversion by our government with the words of Job 38:11a:
“Hitherto shalt thou go and no further.” (KJV)

Remember, governments -- including ours -- derive their JUST powers (emphasis mine) from the consent of the governed. Governments -- including ours -- derive their UNJUST powers from the inaction of the governed to stand against tyranny.

Please do not allow yet another encroachment on your children’s and grandchildren’s human rights.

Grace and Peace,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here are some links brought out in the WND article:

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Editor's note:  It's good to see so many others giving attention to this issue.  This post was submitted before the mainstream media started making noise!

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