Monday, July 12, 2010

Morgan Harrington: Praying The Killer is Found

By Susan Murphy-Milano

I would like to believe there is a special place in hell reserved for evil monsters to travel who murder and take the lives of innocent angels here on earth.

The killer of Morgan Harrington is on that list. On October 17, 2009 Morgan attended a Metallica concert at the John Paul Arena. On January 26, 2010 her body was discovered at Anchorage Farm, Albemarle County, Virginia. The person(s) responsible at large, presumably still in the Charlottesville area. Morgan’s remains were left as though she were discarded and deliberately dumped like a piece of garbage. I could talk about the person responsible for murdering Morgan but law enforcement has yet to apprehend her killer. There may not be an arrest as of yet for this murdering hijacker of life, but I do know one thing for certain, this individual is breathing, living, talking and walking free among us.

If I had to describe the person he is a someone who blends in easily in any daily setting. If you work at Starbucks you could have handed him a cup of hot coffee over the weekend. Maybe this person stood in front of you in at the grocery store. It could be a person with whom you attend church. Maybe it is the helpful neighbor you know the guy who is always smiling and helps you with yard projects. Or when you need a jump because your car battery died he is Johnny on the spot with the jumper cables.

It could be the man who just proposed marriage recently to your own daughter. It is important because this seemingly nice man may have murdered an innocent angel.

Someone on those concert grounds at the John Paul Arena witnessed something. Either they are too fearful to come forward or think what they may have seen is not important, but in an unsolved murder investigation every detail leads to an important piece that is missing in the puzzle. What you may believe is silly or a waste of time to bother with, it is not! Did you see someone that looked like Morgan stumble or look like she needed help while you were attending the concert?

I am asking you to look closely at the photo of Morgan Harrington. I mean really look at it. She was very attractive and easily would have stood out in a crowded auditorium. Maybe she said "excuse me" as she passed by and you noticed her smiling at a person by an entrance or exit door. Perhaps in passing you noticed her in the ladies room. Or you could have seen her interacting with someone on the concert grounds. Morgan would not vanish on her own she likely left with a trusted person.

Dr. and Mrs. Harrington, Morgan’s parents, are waiting for anyone with information to come forward. Their lives have been turned inside out and upside down as they bow their heads in prayer asking God for answers. Their faith shaken at the possibility someone out there holds the key to their daughter’s killer.

Trauma to the spirit and soul when you have lost a child or a family member is no different than reaching inside a person and literally removing one’s heart. For this family they hold onto to the hope their daughter’s killer is apprehended. It is what fuels their days and restless nights.

With grace, beauty and wisdom the family maintains a blog, a journal of hope really with words of wisdom for survivors of murder.

In keeping the light buring brightly on this case Crime Wire on Blogtalk radio with hosts Vito Colucci, Jr, Denny Griffith and myself will have the Harrington's on the show to discuss the unsolved murder of Morgan Harrington ,Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 9:00 PM Eastern time.

The family asks that any information that might help in the investigation of this case be directed to: Virginia State Police tip line (434) 352-3467 (434) 352-3467 .

There is also a $150,000 reward being offered.


  1. I, too, pray Morgan's killer will be apprehended and soon, before this slime (I hesitate to call him a person, a human being) has a chance to take another young lady's life.

  2. Susan, Thank you so much for keeping Morgan's
    face and story out there! We need JUSTICE now!

  3. Ive followed this case from day one, and as the time has pass, I did not think it would get this far, I thought it would go to a cold case, but like MH, small little lucky twist kept happen. I live in MI, dose VA have the death penaty, because this is one case that it applies

  4. Thank you for keeping this case in the spotlight. I hope it can be a warning to all our children, students, and young persons of the devasting consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, and the importance of sticking together and watching out for one another. There are dangerous predators out there waiting to exploit any opportunity given to them. I hope and pray some light can come from this darkness.

  5. Have you found any male to match your composite?
    We know he is a local and was near the arena and the bridge when Morgan ask for a ride home.Go to the driver license place and maybe you can find a match. It's to bad the security at the concert was so insensitive to her needs.He destroy her and split crushed her in two. leaving her cell phone and purse north and her body boots and skirt 10 miles from the farm
    Hopefully the process something from the crime scene.

  6. She's such a beautiful lady! It's too bad that she's already dead. What's the update in her case? Was the killer found? This is such a devastating experience for her family. Although it's been years already, it's still painful for her family because it's their child who was killed. I just hope and pray that her case gets solved in no time.

  7. I hope Alexis Murphy is found soon, too. I'd also like to remind people that it's not just at JPJ arena where people may have seen something, and the suspect probably didn't act alone. His previous Fairfax victim said he was hanging out with friends just before he grabbed her and dragged her to the pool. For them not to turn him in means that they're probably in on it.


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