Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letting Go of Evil

By Karen Rae Elkins

Evil men everywhere seek to control. Out of the blue, around midnight, February 1st,  I received a text from the x abuser who thinks he can threaten or further abuse me. The text read, "I know you wish I were dead, but I'm not." I saw the statement for what it was, once again, a chance to make me the bad person. Or, maybe it was an unspoken threat to take my life. I didn't respond to his text, except to change my cell number again. It was a mere inconvenience just to shake you loose. Make no mistake, I'm not running from your abuse, just taking control. I know that burns you up inside.
Opps... did I just expose your actions?

Now is the time to respond to you and those like you. Move on because I have. Asking you to change is fruitless. I'll never understand your ways. I can only describe your ways as deep seeded darkness rooted in the enjoyment of torture toward those who at one time loved you. I see you for what you are, the mere shadow of a shallow cowardly man without reason. Your soul is incapable of love without measure. A predator, you walk in the darkness like a beast. Truth escapes you because you deny your actions. You have chances to change but let them slip away by choice. You are caught up in the web of deceit, a liar.  Your only talent is abuse. Fear is the measure you use to control those you claim to love.
I know you, others will too.

Here is another dose of truth. I've never threatened your life but remember vividly the day you yanked my hair to pull my face to your face screaming the threat, "Bitch if I want you dead, you will be dead." Remember that day? Every evil man has said similar words and sadly some women never get the chance to live past the threat. Well, in your words, I'm still here. Ha.... although you still breathe, you've never lived, never truly loved, never genuinely cared for anyone but yourself.
Are you angry enough to come after me yet? 

I'd would like to say thank you and those like you for making me the strong woman I am today. I gained my life back when I left you. Right or wrong, I make my own decisions without fear of attacks from you. I am the captain of my own ship and in the distance I can see your ship sinking. You can attack but you will never claim victory over me. If you ever try to raise your hand to hurt me again, you will be tangling with a woman you haven't met. Next time will be different.
Your wrongs made me right, not quite the outcome you anticipated.

I was once a broken image, shattered by abuse. Today, I'm whole and healthy in mind and spirit.  I love myself on the inside, something you stole from me, but I've found it again. Oh, I'll never forget you... or underestimate what you are capable of carrying out. I will never be drawn back into the prison of hateful manipulations, lies, threats, and cold hearted plots to explain away the abuse.
Ahhh,,, now, she's just asking for it. Isn't that the words running through your mind at this very moment? 

One never knows when their death will come. I don't have to settle the damn score, all I have to do is walk, walk walk. See me walking? One day your child or your children will say enough and walk away. They too, will tire of trying to please you, see the light, realize love isn't a bitter word or a punch in rage, and leave for good. You'll spend your life alone, as it should be with all abusers, alone...either in jail or committed to an empty house, empty life.
And... she mentions the children! Just to let you know, I have grown bold, brave, wise and patient.

Your attempts to destroy the good in life will lead you down the road to self-destruction. It's your path, you chose it. I'm not here to stop you on your path, just here to let you know you are truly evil. Having met evil, I know I am obligated to rescue women and their children from the abusive reign in their life. I will never stop writing, never stop talking, never stop exposing your vicious actions. And guess what, there are more like me out there. Our numbers are growing daily. Push us now, and we push back, fighting for a life free from abuse. Each woman bringing one woman out at a time. Like it or not, one day your time's up. We will see you in jail or hell, it's your choice.
Oh... I have truly crossed the yellow line on purpose to send you this message. We all live and breathe under the reign of the Lord, God Jehovah. Many men will read your words Lord, but never change their ways, their minds, their actions. So be it.

 Until next time, fish steady my friends. Be safe on the lake and in life. karen

Karen Elkins 

John 3:17 for God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.
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  1. CHOICES......Ultimately the choice is yours as a victim. If you are aware that you are being abused in any form you must be educated on "what happens next" because the abuse does NOT stop. Stopping abuse is up to you - you DO HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY. Believe in yourself and strength, you are worth it!

  2. Anny said it wisely. You do have control of your destiny. Grab hold of that and stay strong. No woman, child, or man deserves to be controlled in any manner by another. No woman, child or man deserves to be abused.

    I hope abusers read this article and believe. Believe the abused are taking control of their own lives.

  3. Karen,call Doc P for coffee when time permits.Thanks!

    Nate Katjaxof


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