Monday, May 24, 2010

Buyer Beware!

By Sheryl McCollum

Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor (LT) was lied to by an underage hooker!  This is shocking.  What is the world coming to when a pimp will miss lead a John over a $300 sex job.  I am disgusted that a married man with three daughters can’t slip into a hotel with a hooker – have his manly needs met and go to sleep without begin harassed by the police for not knowing her age. Everyone knows that black eyes make you look older. 

He risked diseases, having his reputation tarnished as well as that pesky adultery thing brought up.  This was a simple business transaction – not the crime of the century.  The pimp may have needed to persuade the teenage hooker to perform sex acts by beating her before taking her to Taylors hotel room – nothing personal just business.  

The hooker was a runaway.  The pimp gave her a place to stay for only $150 a week as well as a job.  These men were helping her.  She was beginning trained in the oldest profession.  How many young girls dream of becoming a big city hooker?  This is a real life “Pretty Women”.  

Lawrence Taylor went out of his way to help this young hooker.  He found a pimp.  Arranged a deal on a certain date, time and location.  He left his house in order to meet the pimp and hooker on time.  He paid for a hotel room in the state he lives in.  This was more than a $300 deal for him.  Then to think he was lied to by a criminal that he sought out, a criminal that he gave money to in good faith.  He had to have sex with a very young beat up hooker.  This couldn’t have been what he wanted.  

Sad to think after beating cocaine addiction and other demons LT is facing rape charges.  He is suffering other negative effects such as Nutrisystem, the weight loss company, announced Friday that it is cutting ties with Taylor, who had been one of its spokesmen.

His bond is $75,000.  He is losing endorsements.  The fact remains that she took the cash and gave it to her pimp and Lord knows what she was wearing.  She went to his hotel room he did not go to her.  How is this his fault?  

The world has gone to hell when a married man with three daughters can’t buy an underage piece of ass without facing prison time!

Buyer Beware!
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