Thursday, January 14, 2010

Illinois Inmate Release: Old and New Victims

By Dora Larson, Guest Writer

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of Illinois Victims.Org., as Vice President of our organization and as a survivor victim of my 10 year old daughter, Vicki's murder, we want to know, did you give any thought of or about the victims of these inmates being released?  Our organization works for victim rights and want to know what provisions were put in to ensure victims of these inmates were notified and will there be any assistance and/or financial aid for those victims?  We also want a listing of all inmates being released.  This is a right of public information, but we want a copy from your office.

The victims of these inmates don't easily move on after their homes have been violated. Children who have lived in a neighborhood where drugs deals are made (some times guns were involved) live in fear and the elderly who have been victimized have a difficult trusting again.  The inmates you choose to release will most likely go back to the same area they were arrested and their victims will most likely come face to face with the person who destroyed their lives.  What are you going to do to help these innocent victims?  If you did not know or have not been  told, there is NO such thing as a victimless crime!  I have worked with victims for 30 years and have worked with every form of victimization.  I know their fears, concerns and hurt made real by the kind of inmate you are releasing.

Did you hire more parole officers?  If not, these officers were already over worked with their case load and now they have a thousand more offenders.  There are few jobs available for the general population and now you're putting a thousand more people on the streets before their prison time is up applying for a job.  You have no idea how the job market would be if all these inmates were imprisoned for their full sentence. 

To finish, any so called non-violent inmate is capable of becoming a violent offender due to circumstancs they face and the choices they make.  I pray none of us are sorry that a money issue was the only reason these inmates are being put out on our streets and neighborhoods a year or so too soon.

I want an answer and a copy of the inmates being released from you or your staff within 10 days.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I remain,

Dora Larson

VP Illinois Victims. org

Voice Of The Victims

This is the letter I sent to Illinois Governor Quinn from our group, Illinois Victims.Org.  When this letter was sent to him little did any of us know the number of inmates being given an early release was 1700 not 1000 as was reported.  The releases were started in Sept. 2009 not November 2009.  Do you see the pattern of lies the citizens of Illinois were spoon fed by the Governor of our state?

"A liar is never to be trusted," were the words my Grandpa Brooks always said.  My Grandpa was my mentor and the reason I'm still around fighting for victims after all these years.  He wanted us to live by, " Always give back" and follow his deep faith in Christ.  I'm so very thankful for all Grandpa's advice and love.  And I want to live like he did, humbly and knowing, helping others helps you.  So, with his never forgotten guidance I'm ready to take on any one who even thinks of harming an innocent victim.

The papers in our area have been printing nonstop articles of what horrible crimes these so called "non offenders" are committing.  One case involved an early released inmate and his girl friend who beat a poor woman for not giving them a cigarette when they asked for one.  Several pieces have been about the "not to be trusted" Governor trying to defend his postion for this failed plan because he wanted to save money for the state.  The latest report has him calling the IDOC Director a rougue for releasing some of the inmates and the state legislators for not voting to provide more money to his budget.  When a person blames someone and/or everyone else for his mess and harmed people, would you trust that person?    

Illinois Victims org. is doing all we can to reach out to old and newly created victims, helping the IDOC do more for victims of their housed offenders, and holding the Governor's feet to the fire to make him answer many questions he has yet to address.

I wonder if a person with his mindset is ever to be trusted even as his mouth is moving?

I have always prayed a time would come when there is never another victim, but until I get to be with my Vicki and my Grandpa Brooks, I'll be fighting for victims of crime.  I'll always work to elect people we can TRUST.  Do you like my plans?  If you answered yes, join in the fight  who ever you are, where ever you are or what ever time you have to give.

God Bless all of you.

Dora Larson is the mother of a young 10 year old girl, Vicki, who was brutally murdered.  You can read about Vicki and how her mother has been fighting for justice for, not only her own daughter, but for many others.    A Terrible Case of GOOD vs. EVIL

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  1. What can we do to help? Who can we write to? Are there any stories being done by the media? This is very upsetting. Thank you for telling us about it.


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