Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soul Pieces: Intuitive Life Coaching

By Jillian Maas Backman

When I was asked to become a part of the contributing team of professionals to write for Times Up, I accepted under the auspices of scripting from my professional technical background in the field of intuitive life coaching, my degree is Psychology and the wellness field I have been associated with over 20 years.

Ahhh…..Life is funny that wayI set forth with pre-conceived expectations and upon arriving, destiny changes my play into something quite different - and in this case - greater than I anticipated. 

I can proudly say that I belong to a group of professionals that have blazed a new trail in life transformation: intuitive life coaching. By combining my natural, intuit sensing, life experiences and my degree in Psychology, I have been able to advise hundreds along the way, suggesting helpful life solutions to make their challenges less debilitating and filling their future with hope.

For many of you, the only information you have heard about our work in the field of abolishing domestic violence arepsychics in the corner, giving cryptic readings on where to find lost bodies left behind by monsters of evil. We’re all as diverse in the field of intuitive science as the rest of you are in your chosen careers.

Let me demonstrate this point with my personal story: 

Soul Piece Number 1: Natural Intuit Sensing
The majority of my childhood was spent inside the context of a church building.  You see, my father is a Christian minister.  If I was not doing normal kid stuff, you would find me with the congregation, helping and playing in the midst of white lightAt a very young age, I can remember sensing all kinds of energy around me everywhere I went.  I really did not think much about it.  It was a part of me - separate from me - but yet, simultaneously, all of me. Each and every day I thank God source for allowing me to have such capabilities and to be able to share what is shown to me to heal others.

Soul Piece Number Two: Life Experiences
It really does not matter how much you think you know, or in my case, how much is shown to you that you should know.  There are human events we all go through simply because we must. My life, of course, is no exception.  Imagine being shown the way, and your human ego thinks it is stronger, wiser and can manipulate any situation. You stumble down the path, being forewarned by your strong intuit sensing, and you still make the choice to push forward…

My own involvement in a dating relationship had it roots planted firmly in the abusive garden of all varieties: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  Like anyone else, the embarrassment and shame were in the forefront of my story whenever I chose to re-live the terrifying moments in my mind.  I took the necessary steps to heal the wounds left behind and have never looked back since… until destiny came calling once again.

One of my regular clients came to me one day with a heavy burden and a request.  Her only daughter had been murdered several weeks prior to her coming to my office.  Law enforcement was having great difficulty in finding the body of her child and she asked if I could use my special talents to help locate and solve this case.  Immediately, images starting flying into my consciousness uncontrollably.  I did my best to help solve this horrific crime.   More importantly, I discovered something about myself through this experience: before this crucial event, it was my understanding that intuit sensing should be available for anyone at anytime for any circumstance.  It was at this moment I realized every intuitive gift has a higher purpose.  My heart and mind cannot handle the grass roots work in the field locating a lost loved one. I proudly use my intuitive talent on the second layer, to the best of my abilities, to heal the wounds and the holes left in people’s lives in the wake of their tragedy.

Soul Piece Number Three:  Release Judgments
Working with an intuitive life coach can be an incredible investment for the health and well-being of your self and your family, if you look at it this way:

1) Define your needs.  Are you at the beginning, desperately trying to locate a missing loved one; A survivor working through events from your past; Or a family member living with your own inner issues and seeking resolutions?

2) Identify an intuitive life coach that specializes in this field of expertise. Incredible work is being done all over the world by intuitives that specialize in missing person cases.  
3) Assess information given by an intuitive as you would any other professional - if you are ill, you go to several different physicians for their opinions - same thought applies here. When we are in crisis, we turn to several different sources to find answers. Rarely does anyone act upon just one lineage of thought. Think about it this way: intuitive information is one of your “tools” in your proverbial “toolbox of choices.”  In the end, it is solely your responsibility to select wise choices for your future.

4) Release judgments. I understand that it is a challenge for many of you to comprehend the origin from which my capacities come.  Believe me - for many years, I questioned them myself.  However, after running as fast as I could from who I was, realizing it was a big waste of time, then finally fully loving who and what I have become, I take great pride in serving others with my awakened faculties.     

So thank you for allowing me to share with you. Many blessings to you all, I look forward to growing with you.
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