Thursday, October 8, 2009

Listen To Your Own Inner Perceptions, Please!

By Jillian Maas Backman

A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest on the Susan Murphy Milano talk blog radio show. One thing you can count on in an interview with Susan — it’s unpredictable, intense, and informative for the listener. The hour became a powerful discussion on all aspects of personal intuitive perception (your intuition).

The interview evolved into heated discussions with friends and relatives of victims relating their stories on how the victim “knew something was wrong and their lives were in danger.” Off-the-cuff conversations took place on what we could have done differently; themes that surfaced after a horrible ending and our delayed reaction to this kind of “premonition cognition” were also discussed. Please do not misunderstand what I am stating here; by no means am I scolding the ones left behind for not taking assertive action on the victim’s behalf. But I ask: how many times do we have to go through this exclusionary scenario before communities embrace the reality that our intuitive inner soulful voice should be justification enough to take proactive measures?

Let me present the second part to inner knowing/intuition that most of us overlook:

Intuitive Perception Always Functions on a Counterbalance System:

Every intuitive proactive intention constitutes an intuitive reactive solution.

Here is where it gets little tricky for most of us. We are very perceptive on picking up the warning signals from inside, but the solution/resolution part of this counterbalance gets lost in the chaos. Why is that? Perhaps we do not trust and/or value the communication, OR we do not want to follow through with what is shown to us due to outside forces and/or consequences.

Here are a few suggestions on how to identify your inner sense resolution sensing:

Checklist for intuitive perception resolution/solutions:

Your intuitive perception will always supply solutions to the challenges.

  • Inward presentation is usually subtle and commonly goes against the grain of what is acceptable reactionary behavior.

  • Repetitive theme of healthy changes. PLEASE NOTE: this kind of internal communication never encourages unhealthy choices that may harm another human being. That is something entirely different than what I am addressing herein.

  • Raw spontaneous decisions that are “spur of the moment” reactionary choices.

  • An internal peace and calm permeate your soulful insides when you think about taking action on any perceptive thought.

  • They shift your life forever — you will never live life the same again.

  • Some outsiders label your actions as wrong or as poor choices, according to community parameters.

You can use this information checklist whether you are a victim of violence right now, a gracious friend or family member helping others, or recovering from past events.


  • Quiet moments alone are healing, mandatory time-outs. Commit and create them everyday.

  • Use this time to find your way back to your inner perceptive sensing, your intuition (I actually believe this is what many label as your “inner child”).

  • Force yourself to go beyond the obvious thoughts in your mind and expand into the whole inner picture. Label the proactive thoughts AND the reactive solutions.

Understand this is only one piece to the change or shift you are searching for in your journey. You are still responsible for the physical work it takes to further you life to a joyful existence. What your intuitive perceptive inner voice — your intuition — can do for you is light the way to uncommon alternatives you may have overlooked in the past and aid you towards a better future. We must be grateful for the experience and embrace the untouched inner guidance.

There is no human being alive that can capture, torture, or steal the beautiful gift of perceptive intuitive sensing inside each one of us. Take great strength in knowing and living by this truth.

Work with what you do have right in front of you. Courage and commitment are two virtues that never leave your side. We simply drift away from them and assuming they no longer exists.

Jillian Maas Backman is an Award-Winning Radio Personality and Intuitive Life Coach. With her degree in Psychology from the University of Texas in San Antonio, she is able to see beyond the surface and deep into the self to understand human nature and emotion, the complete person.

With Jillian’s constant contact over the years in both private consultations and radio, designed a radio program that could get this knowledge out to anyone interested in inward/outward growth that was both accessible and affordable from the comfort of your own home.

Thus, the radio program entitled “I.T.’S For You” hosted by JMB ingeniously blends two powerful modalities of communication- the radio airwaves and the internet-Interactive Radio programming. This interactive radio is the first of its kind anywhere! Jillian’s personal teachings on the weekly hour-long show are followed up with e-lessons to download for her website. Listen on-air every Sunday morning 9-10am (CST, Lake Geneva, north shore Chicago area) or listen on-line worldwide at You can read the rest of Jillian’s story at

In loving gratitude, Jillian Maas Backman

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