Monday, December 20, 2010

Who is Shannon Gilbert and Megan Waterman?

By Cynthia Caron 

The media is sometimes so full of short words and the words they use to convey a message can be biting and hurtful.  I am referencing two beautiful young women who are both missing loved ones and being tagged as “prostitutes” and “hookers” by some members of the media.  First I would like to state that while both may have made bad choices, their personal errors in judgment should not be what the public bases their opinions regarding these young woman.  They are both loved, both have families who are living a nightmare and would give anything to know that their daughters are safe, and at home.  Their families depend on you, the readers and public, to help find their missing and loved family members.

Because of the recent findings of four unidentified bodies on Gilgo Beach, in Long Island, NY, the police and media instantly jumped to the thought processes that the four unidentified women were prostitutes.  Because this was in a location that Shannon, who advertised as an escort on Craigslist, was last seen in early May 2010 and it was determined that the possibility existed that she was among one of the four.  At the same time, Megan went missing only 20 minutes away in Hauppauge, NY, in early June 2010,  and she also advertised as an escort on Craigslist.  Therefore, it was now thrust into the media that both young women may have been victims and that all four may be prostitutes. 

The media reporting of “hookers and prostitutes” is unfair to the families, and more importantly to Shannon and Megan.  While neither made good choices with choosing escorting as a means to earn money, the negative image that most people have as “hookers and prostitutes” are those who are living on the streets, may or may not have family support, are usually addicted to drugs and are beaten regularly by pimps.  Neither Megan nor Shannon lived that kind of life.  (Those who do live that kind of life need all of the possible resources available to them in order to help them. They are usually so despondent for drug money they will go to any length and are extremely vulnerable and many times have emotional and psychological traumas.  Prostitutes living on the streets need help, not scorned.)

I would like to present another side of Shannon and Megan.

Megan loves her daughter dearly.  Watching alongside her little one, she treasured the times spent watching Dora the Explorer,  Cinderella and Snow White.  Shopping for her and throwing beautiful “princess parties” was something Megan loved doing for her daughter.  She always looks forward to a family barbeque and get-together. Did you know she also loved roller skating and looked towards the days that she could teach her young daughter to skate? Or that she always looked happily towards family birthdays and loves the color pink.  Megan loves her music, is witty and always playing practical jokes on those she loves.  She has a gentle spirit, is passionate and trusting.  She would give the shirt off her back to a total stranger if they needed it.  Megan has a soft place in her heart for anyone who lived with disabilities.  She formed special bonds with all members of her family including distant cousins.  Megan loves all and is loved by all who’ve had the honor to know her.

Did you know that Shannon loves to sing and writes good poetry? She is an excellent cook and loves to give people gifts. Shannon graduated high school at the age of 16 and enrolled in Kaplan University.  She loves animals and once rescued a cat from an animal shelter that nobody else wanted. She was the peacemaker among all her friends, loves to read, loves shopping and would give away anything she owned that she could not put to good use.  She loves performing, telling jokes and laughing. Her friends and family say that Shannon cares about everyone to whom she befriends. She is a true “people person.”  She is best known by her family and friends as one who cherishes the good, forgets the bad and always treats others with respect.  Perhaps some of those so quick to judge should have some of the same attributes that both Megan and Shannon share?

Cynthia L. Caron
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  1. megan loved purple and butterflies not pink

  2. Thank you for being there voice.

  3. YAPHANK, N.Y. --
    The mother of a Maine woman who was reported missing last year says the family has been told her remains were among four discovered on a New York beach.

    Lorraine Ela told The Associated Press on Wednesday that police notified her son about Megan Waterman's body being one of the four women whose decomposing bodies were dumped on eastern Long Island.

    Waterman was last seen at a hotel in Hauppauge (HAWP'-awg) on June 6.

    Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer and Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota are scheduled to hold a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the bodies.

    Police accidentally discovered the bodies in December.

    They were strewn over a quarter-mile stretch of marshy grasslands, overgrown shrubbery and sea grass on a barrier island, near an oceanfront parkway.


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